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UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital is a children's hospital designed to provide the most critically ill care in an environment that welcomes and heals. UCLA has dedicated entrances from Gayley Avenue, with its location on the third and fifth floors of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center making it easy for families to visit their child who receives treatment there.

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He love Mattel Ch.


Alan Kulatti


Waited for long time we didn't even see doctor and they didn't have any idea when doctor could see us and we left without seeing doctor


asgar amir


A Hidden Jewel. The Children's Theater turned out awesome. It took a great deal of donors who were all parents to make it a reality. We matched 30%.


Basil Theater


Worst hospital ever! Horrible treatment, horrible Nicu. Dont go here!!


Candie Williams


We mistakenly thought this hospital would be really professional considering that it's associated with Ucla. We had a family member have her jaw restored at Ucla, and those doctors were amazing. But the children's hospital was a bad experience. It was hostile and impatient, and people looked right theough us and talked over us. Very disappointed.


Cherie Tubbs


This place is great, Ted Np always provides great care and is exceptional. I would highly recommend this place for its high caliber and great service.


Geraldine Wilkerson


Food vouchers.. ask about them. I didn't get any information about them until I was a out to be discharged after 3 days in the Pediatric ward. Otherwise, everyone was very accommodating. Timelines on how soon things get done are very fluid.. count on spending more time there than you anticipated. Hospital food was pretty food. Service and treatment was overall very thorough.


Jessica Mazing


Visited 6:00pm on 111516


Khalid S


This place is great ... there helping my daughter beat lueukimia


Lila Cuellar


Left wanting to cry. The nephrologist Dr. Yadin has allowed her ego get in the way of doing her job and being a good Dr. I don't question if she's a good Dr., I bet she is. But her ego is keeping her from being able to even be the Dr she is capable of being and desperately needs to be. She didn't listen to anything we were trying to say. She would cut us of three words into a sentence and disregard what we were saying or respond to what she assumed we were going to say. She would tell us our child was not having the symptoms we know she is having that we tried to say she was having but was either cut off or it was ignored completely. She told us fever was in way a symptom of kidney issues and that is not true. She told us our child's kidneys were normal healthy working kidneys without any blood work to go off or even looking at the ultrasound that showed there was an issue. I am blown away by our experience and was expecting so much more from everything we have always knows about UCLAs hospital and Dr.s. We spoke to another pediatric nephrologist through a family friend over the phone. Just to clarify a few things because we are so worried and left so confused on what to do now after being told by Dr. Yadin that there is no problem and it's not kidney related. The Dr we spoke with just over the phone said from the ultrasound report and the symptoms he advised us to immediately take our child to the Er and disregard Dr. Yadins beyond irresponsible conclusion. And immediately report her for medical malpractice if indeed something is seriously wrong. That's the last thing we want to do. All we want is a Dr. who cares enough to listen and look before thinking they know if there is not a problem. It might not matter to her if she is wrong but this is our child and her life and well being is our number one concern.


Lola Banana