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The Relaxing Way Prenatal Massage is a Denver, Colorado based prenatal massage therapy center run by Jonny Love. He started this practice with one vision - to make his clients more in tune with their body and tranquility at heart. With over 17 years experience working as an experienced Certified Massager/Therapist, 7+10years certified for pre-natal care; there's no doubt about it!" Pregnancy Care Center_6,Pregnancy Care Center,Colorado,Denver,The Relaxing Way Prenatal Massage ,,,5,(720) 232-3665,"The_Relaxing_Way_Prenatal_Massage_Pregnancy_Care_Center_Denver_1632827064.8191383_0.png, The_Relaxing_Way_Prenatal_Massage_Pregnancy_Care_Center_Denver_1632827065.1413858_1.png, The_Relaxing_Way_Prenatal_Massage_Pregnancy_Care_Center_Denver_1632827065.8493478_2.png

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