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Reliable, Professional, and Efficient. My experience with the Mirkhan Law Firm has been very positive. I had a recent case for which I hired the Mirkhan Law Firm. The case was superbly handled resulting in a successful resolution. Their strategic


Asa Rafiee


Working with Mr. Mirkhan was absolutely the best choice our family could have made. His understanding of the law and his ability to find every possible way to ensure that we were given a full and comprehensive process was amazing. I believe the reason Mr. Mirkhan was able to work so hard for my family is because he truly cares, and became invested in our case as a compassionate person, wanting justice for us, wanting to help us, but also Very honest about the reality of the case. He was able to fight for us in ways that others could not see. Although we won our case, Mr. Mirkhan grounded us to reality and explained what was strong and what was legally weak in our case. I sincerely appreciated the his genuine approach to our case and gave us no false hope, but we knew he was fighting Hard for us. We achieved through Mr. Mirkhan an amazing win in our case, and to the fullest extent. He guided us through all of the steps and never left us with the impression that he wasn't fully in our case, heart and soul. It put my wife and myself at ease, and removed a lot of our worry stress, knowing that someone was fighting for us, not simply working a case. I would use Mr. Mirkhan again and will recommend him to any family or friends who need a fair, compassionate, honest, knowledgeable, and capable attorney who will do everything he can to bring justice for your family.


Jason Cooper


I am happy I chose him and hope more people take advantage of him as a resource.


John Davidson


Called and they told me they can help me if I have despite over 10000


Kami Danial


The Mirkhan Law firm is what every law firm should strive to be like. Mr. Mirkhan is a true super attorney. He's professional, courteous, and capable to handle any type of business litigation. He helped me resolve my case without any litigation and was always willing to work hard and provide the best advice & strategy. He always replied to my emails in a timely manner and took my calls without any hesitation. Thank you again Mr. Mirkhan and the Mirkhan law firm for all your hardwork, help, and dedication. You did an amazing job with my case and in the future if I need additional service, I will be contacting you immediately.




The Mirkhan Law Firm is one of the best law firms in California. The attorney is very meticulous, aggressive and pays attention to details. He listened to my concerns and helped to resolve any problems that arose as my case progressed. I highly recommend this law firm.


Nehis Oviawe


Our consultation was reasonably priced and effective towards resolving our biz dispute. Very responsive and we appreciate the extra effort. Thank you again.


Ron Philman


When I found out I needed an attorney to help me I was terrified. I had never worked with an attorney before and all I had heard was horror stories about endless billing for every phone call, email and apperance. I wasnt sure I would be able to afford the help I needed to see a case through. Mehrshad from the very first phone call to the very last day at our arbitration showed genuine compassion and empathy for what I had gone through. He held my hand through the entire process always making sure I clearly undertood what was going on. He was beyond gracious with the hours he billed me as I know for a fact he had done a lot more work that he had charged me for. The company I was suing pulled out every trick to try to break me financially but Mehrshad was always able to shut them down and get me my day to be heard. I was up against a company with a lot more money but because of Mehrshads good heart after 26 months I won my case. I would have never made it to the finish line without him. I am beyond grateful and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs and attorney!


Shanna N.


This firm provides a very diligent and strategic representation. My experience has been great.


Steve Bogartino


I was a third party, not a client, in a case Mr. Mirkhan handled. Mr. Mirkhan was proactive in pushing the rightful settlement forward quickly and fairly. Very impressed.


Sue Raymond