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In order to save this woman's energy and give her a more accessible workout, I created exercises that she could do on the floor. This way, I was able to take away any risk of falling or injuring herself while still giving her an intense workout. The best part is that these workouts are less demanding for me as well since they involve no high impact moves like jumping jacks!

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Ever have one of those days where you just can't take it anymore or one of those weeks from hell . I just did . Yesterday I took an Essential Oil restorative yoga class with Kate. Dude I was literally floating on air when I left the class. I specially love the essential oil she uses. Super great. Treat yourself take a class you so deserve it!!!


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Holy Smokes! I come from a gymnastics background & The Barboza Method kicks my ass! I love going to a class that requires only my body and it's natural resistance to work me out I typically feel sore for a whole week after just 1 class! I never feel quite as worked out when I go the the regular old, boring gym with my boyfriend! If you're looking for a great workout that will make you feel fulfilled, like you're getting your money's worth & that will make your body look Amazing, The Barboza Method Is For You!


Catherine Mendez


Love this place! Amazing method. Stefanie is an incredible trainer and physical therapist!


Laura Beth Love


The Barboza Method is a great all body workout that I highly recommend to anyone, regardless of their fitness level. It's simple yet extremely challenging and effective.


Loree Campos-Stevens


The work is no joke, prepare to move small and sweat big.


Matt Power


My first day was amazing...I could feel right away a difference. Stefanie is so personable and professional?


Michelle Marshburn


If you are looking for an alternative exercise program look no more. I took my first class and this is no joke. You are literally laying on a mat during the whole hour class . Stefanie leads the class through different ballet positions and pilates. You begin to feel muscles that you totally forgot about. I walked away feeling so good about myself that I had a great workout . Stefanie Barboza created this exercise program fit for any type of Fitness level. She is energetic, extremely attentive to all her students and all around fabulous. If you are bored of your everyday workout this would be an excellent choice. The Barboza method combines ballet positions with Pilates. You lay down on a mat through the whole class . The class I took was guided by Stefanie and the music was upbeat and motivating. You will really like this class because you work out all your body parts and have fun doing it


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At 65 and alive, the Barboza method helped me find the muscles that I thought I lost at 45!


Patricia Aoki


Barboza Method is incredible. Stephanie and her team know what they are doing and are dedicated to elongating your muscles and giving you a leaner, stronger, and more flexible body. Her method is so effective and will make you work your muscles with proper technique every time!




The absolute best class.


Rachel Elsberg