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In the city of Dallas, Texas there is a very special place called "Bail Bond Store". If you're in trouble and need to find someone who can help bail them out they will most likely be able to point you in the right direction. Texas Bail Bonds Dallas In the city of Dallas, Texas there is a very special place called

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The best bail bonds in Dallas! Beto is knowledge, professional, kind, and will take extra time to make sure you understand what needs to get done and try to help you as best as he can.


Anabel Herrera


They made the situation easy to deal with. Posted bond in a timely manner. Will work with you.


Beto Herrera


I wanna thank the people at Texas Bail Bonds for all the help they gave me while on bond. Just finish my case last week, thank god. These guys always gave me the info I needed. They were always available to answer my questions. You couldn't go wrong. whoever was there, they always made time to help. This was my second time being on bond and i promise my self to be the last one. I won't be calling for my self anymore but I'm fo sho recommending texas bail bonds. I happened to read the other reviews and let me tell you, when i bonded out the first time thru another company , i had to report like i did at Texas bail bonds. I think you have to do it in all of them.They are responsible for your court appearance so they have to becareful, so i get it. If you do what you have to and follow the policy, you good, if you don't, not just here, but in any other bail bonds you will probably get introuble. I gave you 4 stars cause I was thankful with you guys but not 5 stars cause I didn't really loved being on bond at all but I guess that was my fault. but not thinking of going back, so Sorry, I aint giving you no mo of my money. keep up the good work n Peace out.


D wood


Please do yourself a favor, and do not use this company. There are way too many other options out there, because this company is a bunch of scandalous thieves. I used them after an arrest in Sept of 2015. Due to me being short on cash for my bond of 1500 by 15, I had no choice but call a bondsman. A family member out of state had to contact them because a fax machine was necessary. My case was No Billed in Nov 2015, however I never knew about this until June 2016 after several calls to the bondsman with no answers. I immediately took the no bill paperwork to them to get my bond ended. I was assured the check would be mailed out within 46 weeks. Nope, never happened. They literally held our money for Seven months. Beto, proceeded to tell me he had to look into it. Then his excuse was they bought out another bondsman shortly after my arrest, and the lady that had helped me was no longer employed so he did not have any documentation of my no bill. Unreal. I had to call again. I was told he would mail the check out on Tues morning, however no call so I called back Wed and was assured it would be mailed certified. I literally had to chase down our money after their error with no compensation for the error and terrible experience. Then my relative gets her check short significantly. I call, and he tells me his fee for a Cc transaction out of state is 500!! Are you kidding me? After you never checked on my case and kept taking my money monthly to call and check in over the phone, and after you magically lost my paperwork and it takes 7 months to get our money back. Stay Away. These People Are Liars And Do Shady Business.


Dinah Christian


Definitely the best Bail Bonds in town ! Beats anyone else. Great management


Ivan Solis


If I could have a gave no stars would have. Wasnt helpful at all! Terrible service. Anywhere but here dont waist your time


J Lew


Nice people and they are good about working with you! Definitely recommended!


Josh Fleming


(It's your friendly neighborhood But the notary service and more) Mr Beto is Extremely informative and was very helpful in my case. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank again sir. :)


kabanda kapita


CustomCustomer service is fine, they communicate in person to you the information u need and help. Down fall..u need to check in every week they won't let u slide not even a day...in the beginning I missed a couple of check in and they revoked my bond so without me knowing I had a warrant out once I figure what happen I still rehired them n just this last 4th of july weekend I was out of town n next thing u know they did the same thing when this entire time I been checking in n even the times that I couldn't I would call n let them know. So I wouldn't recommend, due to the strictness, but other than that I like their service


Karen Stephannie


They are professional and have an easy access office in downtown Dallas.


Krista Bland