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TastyPlacement has been the leading SEO company for over 10 years, and they've consistently demonstrated their dominance. From authoring books on Search Engine Optimization to giving some of the most popular speeches in recent history, Tasty Placement is at home with Google certifications - which makes them one of 500 companies worldwide who have earned admission into The Exclusive Google Marketing Platform Partner Program.

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Your team is great! Got a frantic email from a client's office that their site wasn't loading and no pictures were showing. Dialed the first 512 # in my phone, and another team member than the one I was looking for answered the phone. She stopped what she was doing though and took care of it in minutes. Love the customer service and page 1 results we get from Tp.


Amy Tranter ThePerfectMarketingMixLLC


I have been working with Tasty Placement for over 5 years now. As someone who knows a fair amount about Seosem myself, I have a very learned perspective as far as which firms are solid and which are not. Tasty Placement resides among the very best.


Bo Claypool


These guys are great, Ethan and his team are helpful. We have seen great results!


Brenda Pejovich


I worked for TastyPlacement doing Business Development. During my time there I learned that when it comes to Seo, Michael literally wrote the book on it and the entire TastyPlacement crew are the best of the best. True experts with design, web development, Seo placement and all things Ppc. If you are looking to have your business visible in all the right ways, look no further than the incredibly talented team over TastyPlacement. The best prof of this is to search for Seo Austin and see who comes up at the top of the query.


Brian Hart


Tasty Placement and the work that Michael and his team do are clearly leading the Seo industry here in Austin. I hope for another opportunity to work with them soon! I highly recommend!


Caulen Lauria


We have been using TastyPlacement for almost a year now. We have multiple locations over many different states and have been very pleased with both our Seo and our pay per click experience. Michael, James and Dan have really improved our online presence with their expertise. They also rebuilt our aging website and made it more mobile friendly. There are companies that are cheaper, but for the value of service we receive, their pricing is more than fair. After using 2 other companies over the years, I would highly recommend these pros to get your online rankings up to par.


Gary Gullic


The work Tasty Placement has done has contributed to helping turn things around in my world. A year ago the mortgage industry had become so bad we we’re running out of cash and we’re (unpleasantly) talking about having to sell/downsize out house . It seemed impossible to focus on anything productive. But the combination of regularly working our database, good Seo from Tasty Placement, and the market turning around now has us consistently generating enough leads where we're consistently paying the bills and starting to get ahead again.


John Taylor


Daniel & Antonio


Krystal Transportation


TastyPlacement handled Seo for a website of mine when I simply didn't have time for the project. Not only did they chase down and rank my website for national keywords in a highlycompetitive market, their services provided Roi on the aggregate Seo budget. I highly recommend Michael and his team to any business looking to improve web presence and generate more business from the web.


Kyle Sanders


Tasty placements has turned my business around in a matter of one month! I can't imagine ever not having them handle my google accounts! They have been bringing me in business on not only our regular services but our whole menu! They've brought us back to life. We had another company before that was horrible , hurt the company's search appearance on google , I thought we were done with until tasty placements brought us back! Thank you so much!!!!!!! I Highly Recommend Them Worth Every Dollar!!!!


Lashes de Bella