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At Sussner Design Company, they are dedicated to creating thoughtful, effective, and impactful solutions that help companies clarify their message, move their brand forward, and break out of the pack. They have been doing this for over 20 years, and how they do it is uncomplicated: they clarify, they create, and then they launch.

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I've been a web development partner with the team at Sussner Design Co for several years, and I've always appreciated not only their process of working together, but also their focus on getting results for their clients. SDCo is dedicated to creating websites that are not only beautifully designed and brand-right, but also strive to help customers tell their story, sell their products and services and stand out from their competitors.


Bret Hummel


The Sussner team took the time to understand how our family history, work ethic, and level of quality make Franklin Press unique. This shows in our new logo, colors and tagline. The idea of updating our brand was intimidating, but SDCo made the whole process pretty painless and each step was always backed by solid reasoning. We have received so many compliments on our new look from both customers (many of which are other design firms) and staff—especially the people running the presses and wearing the new logo on their shirt every day!


Bryan Franklin


Working with Sussner Design has been life-changing! At Minneapple Pie we have been doing business with them for over 10 years and will ALWAYS have them involved in our business. They helped us with our brand development for our concession business and a year later did a complete brand development of our restaurant. Sales skyrocketed immediately and our customers love their work! The process of how they work with you is top-notch. They are true professionals and great people! We look forward to doing business with Sussner for years to come!




A company is known by its brand, and Sussner Design helped Central Coast Solutions develop ours by guiding us through the process of telling our story effectively. From messaging, logo, printed materials and website, they were there every step of the way to help us achieve our goal of appealing to our target market. Mindful, critical thinking along with top design talents make them the best team in the business.


Ed Klemz


Work as a team well


J. William


Its always great working with Sussner Design both as a customer and vendor. I have been very fortunate to be able to partner with Sussner Design on several projects and they always put their customers first! They are very easy to work with and approach every project with great professionalism. Sussner Design is easy to work with and they are the perfect choice for your branding and design needs.


Jamie Persico


As a freelance writer, I've worked with Derek Sussner in his wild youth, and then at his own firm, Sussner Design Company, for nearly 25 years. I would NOT spend that kind of time with a putz, a hack, and/or a disagreeable dude. Derek and Sussner Design are absolutely none of the above. SDCo has more talent, integrity and heart in their 5-person shop than I've discovered in so many unnamed big-shot competitors. The sincerely red carpet rolls out for each and every client as you're ushered onto your own SDCo-designed pedestal. Really, call them now.


jeff mueller


My law firm has been working with Sussner for about 10 years. They have managed to create buzz around our branding over and over again. Logos, color selection, branding in our office, a splashy marketing brochure and now our new website. Over the time they have come to know who we are and have gotten us to push our branding outside of our normal comfort zone. Now, they tell us to "take a chance" and we do it every time. They never lead us down a crazy path and we get great feedback on everything they design for us.


Jon Schindel


Clean Grid Alliance worked with Sussner Design Co. in 2018 on a rebranding project and launch campaign. We interviewed several companies for the project, but were most impressed by the process Sussner uses. We felt the combination of the great team at Sussner and their process was the best fit for us to successfully come up with a name and logo we love, as well as obtain buy-in from our large board. The brand attributes process was very enlightening and everyone enjoyed the storyboard process, but agreeing on a new name was the most challenging part. Everyone loved our prior name and logo because it was so descriptive. Sussner was patient and listened to the input from our board who wanted to make sure that the new name was descriptive of our work and would convey our identity as a collaborative organization of members. Sussner was instrumental in helping us obtain buy-in from not only the re-branding committee, but the entire board. And, they did it in a short period of time. Derek and Tessa were wonderful to work with. They took care to get to know our organization and what was important to us. They kept us on track, offered great advice, and were responsive to our needs and follow-up questions – even after the project was complete. Best of all, they got us through the project with a great launch video, all social media channels updated, an updated home page, stationery and brand style guides – and they did it on time, and on budget.


Kelley Welf


You will love working with the Sussner's! They're exceedingly kind, always generous with their time, fair, thoughtful, and down to earth. A smarter crew you will not find. Wildly talented. Everything they put out is a work of art. You'd be crazy not to use them to re-brand.


Kevin Freidberg