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Meet Aaron Spolin, a former prosecutor and award-winning criminal appeals attorney. He founded the firm of Spolin Law P.C., where he has achieved successful outcomes on hundreds of cases including numerous dismissals for major felony charges as well as noncriminal resolutions to complex fraud defense cases that other firms couldn't handle successfully in court.

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Thank you Aaron!


C Lee


Aaron helps me a lot. he is calm and experienced. he explained to me each step and make sure I understand. You do need a captain like him when sail throught this stormy sea of Law. he is my choice.


Cj Jiang


Highly recommend! Great lawyer, excellent advice, super responsive. Definitely recommending to friends and family! Thanks, Aaron.


Coby Parker


They dont handle civil rights violations if your not arrested at an immigration checkpoint and laugh for asking




I have known Aaron Spolin for a number of years, including when he worked for a Federal District Court Judge and then as an Assistant District Attorney at the DA's Office. This is a very skillful lawyer, and he's an absolute fighter for his clients. If you want someone who will pore over your case, find every important detail, and then fight like hell for you in court, this is the attorney for you.


Isaiah Soval-Levine


These guys know their stuff. They just got a murder charge dismissed with the help of the new Da George Gascon.


Jacob Smart


Hired them to do a postconviction case review (which, to be fair, was decently thorough) and it was supposed to be applied towards any legal work. They ended up wanting to refer us to another counsel after the person whose case it is got upset about the options being presented and expressed this verbally, but not disrespectfully, over the phone to the case manager. They did Not honor the agreement that the case review investment would be applied to future legal work. They also had another staff member call by proxy to give us this news, rather than having the case manager involved call us directly. This brings up the question: if you can't handle a little heat, how in the world are you going to be fighters in Court? Quick to take the money, but short on empathy or tolerance in understanding people's situations.


Joanna Kelly


I agree with some but not all of this. I agree with most of the general points but I disagree with two things listed here. Disagreement number one is that they say a person can not guarantee success in criminal law but that is not true because you could have a great case and know that you are going to win like the Oj Simpson case where there were five or six expensive lawyers for Oj and they were bound to win from the start if you think about it. Disagreement number two is that you can not rely on other posts to know how many attorneys are assigned to a case, because seeing stuff in the media where there were multiple attorneys does not mean that every case has multiple attorneys.


Jonathan Bond


The guy is a brilliant lawyer. Filed a lot of legal motions for my case. The police lied in my case, and Mr. Spolin filed a Pitches motion or something like that to examine the police officer's personnel file for past complaints of lying. You can tell Mr. Spolin went to Princeton. Very sharp.


Josh Arson


I have had the good fortune to observe Mr. Spolin in court. He has the thoroughness and methodical approach of a former prosecutor with the creativity and resourcefulness of the best civil rights and criminal defense attorneys. I would recommend him to anyone with a criminal or civil rights case in Los Angeles


Josh Parker