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The fertility care you need is now even easier. RMA has 19 office locations and 6 state-of-the art IVF laboratories across 4 US states (California, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania). So whether you're in California or anywhere else on the map--you can count on them to be there for your every medical emergency!

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Terrible service and underhanded practice. Strongly avoid.


Ann Dial


Dr. Kim is the best! He is very straightforward which we loved. We didn


Barbara Paciello


The process at Rma can be impersonal at times however Dr. Kim and staff were always available and supportive.


BoyMom 2586


I am disgusted by Rma Sc. They have reached out to me on LinkedIn completely unsolicited, suggesting that I freeze my eggs. This is not something that is even on my radar whatsoever so I'm not sure why I would be targeted like this but I find it very offensive and invasive. Fertility is a private matter and I don't need companies that don't know my story or my plans or relationship status or family planning agenda attempting to profit from me and suggest that they know what is better for my health and my journey than I do. Shame on them; for anyone I do know that is looking into fertility specialists, I will recommend they take their search elsewhere to a more ethical practice that is not just greedy to profit off of who they think are unsuspecting young women.


Charlotte Pratt


Dr Kim helped us to make our dreams come true. After losing our 2 year old daughter to a sudden illness, we thought we would never have another child. Our hearts were broken but we wanted another child because we had so much love to give. Dr Kim gave us hope and treated us with so much kindness especially with our sad circumstances. He and his staff guided us through the long journey and we ended up with a beautiful, healthy baby girl.


Denise Breckinridge


Wow wow wow!!!!! Where do I begin? I would not be 9 weeks pregnant today if it was not for Dr. Thomas Kim and his wonderful staff. I'm a workaholic dentist and very very picky when it comes to my own physicians. The moment I met him, I knew he was the one who will help me become a mother. I did not need to interview other reproductive endocrinologists. My heart just knew. He is the most compassionate physician I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His warmth, compassion, and professionalism comforted me on every single visit for the past 10 months. He truly exudes kindness in everything he does when it comes to his patient care. What an emotional journey it has been. I developed a bad cough on the day of our first transfer late Feb of 2019 and unfortunately the first Ivf was not successful. My second transfer was on 782019 and as of today, I'm almost 9 weeks pregnant. My family and I sincerely thank you Dr. Kim from the bottom of our hearts and are forever grateful. It was a wonderful journey with your team and you are truly amazing Dr. Kim!!!


Heivi Kim


Dr. Kim is very professional. He is kind, and treats each patient with utmost care. He made our dream come true.


Jacintha Francois


Dr Kim was my doctor for both Ivf and frozen embryo transfer. We had great success both times and have two beautiful and healthy children as a result. Dr Kim is very personable. His positivity and kind bedside manner make all the difference. I was disappointed when he moved to California. However, RMANJ


Jennifer T


My husband and I met Dr. Kim in April of 2019. My first visit was welcoming. The staff was very kind and polite until one of staff there made me feel uncomfortable. It happened over the phone when I was trying to get information about the treatment prices and affordable payments. She sounded rude and bothered that I didn


Jessica Navarro


My husband and I were patients of Dr. Kim's at Rmanj. After several years of trying unsucessfully we met with Dr. Kim and had answers within our first meeting. We are both numbers and stats people and Dr. Kim gave us every number and stat available, even including some hand drawn charts! He was very clear with the steps we needed to take but not pushy and we left feeling very confident and ready for the process ahead of us. We wanted to move quickly and Dr. Kim was on board with us, within 3 months we were pregnant. Our transfer was set for a day that a different doctor was performing the procedure but Dr. Kim rearranged his schedule to be able to do ours, as per our request. We felt so comfortable with Dr. Kim as our doctor and so confident in his care that when talking about our next transfer, my husband asked if it was possible to fly to California so we could have Dr. Kim again.


Katie Walker