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Revive Recovery is a drug and alcohol detox program that has been committed to serving as the benchmark for top-tier addiction and alcoholism treatment since it was founded in 2012. The team of professionals at Revive are dedicated to helping patients find their way out from beneath substance abuse, providing them with guidance on how they can live life free from drugs or alcohol.

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We work with 3 medical detox centers throughout Southern California, and of which Revive Detox Center consistently rises above the rest, for a number of reasons! Dr. Ronaye CalvertConley is probably one of the most wellrespected addiction treatment professionals throughout the Los Angeles, Ca area, and any drugalcohol treatment or detox facility under her watch is almost certain to be a toptier institution thanks for all you guys do!


Arizona Addiction Recovery Center


One of the coldest places I've ever been to in my life, literally. Nasty food but the staff makes up for this. Doc and nurses keep you comfortable. A good first skip in the pond on the way to lasting recovery. I had to go twice but haven't used dope since my last stay. Highly recommend for a pampered dope fiend like myself.


Bishop Watts


Over the past several months we have had a number of patients come to our residential treatment center after having gone through medical detox at Revive in Los Angeles. What we've noticed is something interesting, and that is that each time we get a client from Revive they seem to be much more stable, present and receptive. This is something we haven't seen from other detox facilities, or at least not on a consistent basis as is the case here. When we speak with each client as to their experience here, it is overwhelmingly positive across the board. We are extremely impressed with Revive and always look forward to receiving their discharged and detoxed clients!


Chris Cohn


I absolutely love this place! I would highly recommend this place to anyone seeking help. I can honestly say I had a life changing experience thanks to everyone here at Revive & I couldn


Danni Babee


As a treatment professional, I've worked with a number of medical and sub acute drug detox centers nationwide. My recent experience with a client at Revive Detox Center in Los Angeles was truly impressive. The level of care, expertise and knowledge on the part of the staff was far beyond anything I'd seen, especially as compared to detox services offered within residential treatment environments. My client came in with a very high level addiction and their utilization of combined medication and holistic approaches was extremely effective, almost to a point that even I was surprised. Dr's CalvertConley and Waldman are to be commended for the launch of Revive and its approach to addiction detox services!


Grace Bay


Revive Detox is a great place to go to if you are struggling with an addiction. Addiction is not easy to overcome but with the help of the staff here it is definitely doable. They provide 24 hours of Emt supervision and have a personal chef five days a week. Mr. Roane is an amazing assistant program director and Emt.


hoang dang


I think any time you have to overcome addiction its going to be tough. What really helped narrow my choices to Revive was their team. The staff here truly care about you and try to do everything they can to help overcome your problems. They also have a chef on duty that makes killer grilled cheese sandwiches.


John Lew


Absolutely lovely experience! 5 stars


Julian Harrington


Revive is a great clinic with an excellent medical staff. You can tell that they really work with compassion as they will do what they can to make you feel welcomed and at home as you recover. Thank you Revive.


Justin N


Fantastic staff and services. Worked with their assistant program director Taka and he was willing and eager to help with any questions we had. Highly recommended


Kevin Do