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Putnam Consulting, Inc. is a team of construction experts who work on small to large scale projects throughout Texas and beyond. We offer premier services for homeowners in the private sector as well public entities such as schools districts or city councils. If you need assistance please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience!

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We recently had a leaky roof problem that was causing damage to the foundation of our house. We called out 2 contractors, 2 roofers and a structural engineer without finding the leak. Then we had Don Putnam over and he found the leak in a place that no one else had looked. Thank you Don for a great job finding the leak. Worth every penny and then some. We fully recommend calling Don first to find that difficult leak.


Cindy Arnold


Don Putnam is an excellent roofing consultant. He helped us 25 years ago when we put a roof on a previous house. Thankfully, he is still consulting and has been able to evaluate the declining roof on the house we now live in. I have and will continue to recommend him to friends in need of roofing expertise. Ultimately, have saved money by understanding what to do and when to do it.


Mason Evarts


Don Putnam is a professional who has been in the business for over 30 years. After checking out his web site and seeing his resume, I contacted Don. He listened to my problem, spelled out exactly what he would do and his hourly rate, including travel time. He also clearly said that I could take notes or record him to save the cost of his writing a detailed report, and that I could call him to clarify any questions. He is not inexpensive, but he is worth every penny. After his initial inspection of my house, Don correctly diagnosed my problems and, again, spelled out his recommendations and costs involved. His daughter, Stacy, did a moisturemeter mapping grid of the areas in my house that were having leaks. Don also brought along a contractor, Larry Hallowell, to give me an estimate of what repairs might costwith the provision that that might change depending on what was discovered when drywall andor outside hardiboard was pulled away. It has cost me more than estimated because the damage was quite extensive. Without Don Putnam's help, the damage to my home would have gotten much worse. He has shown concern for my economic situation and worked with me to manage costs and to repair my house. I have high recommended Don here, as I have recommended him to neighbors and friends. I am so grateful for his expertise.


Sarah Glasscock