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Profound LA offers individualized treatment for people who seek comprehensive services that encompass addiction and/or co-occurring mental illness. Our alcohol & drug programs combine traditional methods with cutting-edge techniques to create a highly personalized plan designed specifically for the patient rather than the condition. You are unique, your treatment should be too!

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Profound Treatment helped me at the darkest time of my life. They made me feel so safe and like I wasn't alone. To this day, I feel like the treatment staff there are apart of my family and people I can go to for support.


Alyssa Jennette


So thankful for Profound Treatment Center. They took me in and safely helped me detox when I had nowhere else to go. From the moment you commit to the program, you are cared for by all of the staff and treated with respect, love and care. The environment is structured and exactly what I needed when I was going through the recovery process. I would highly recommend their treatment center to anyone looking to break free from addiction.


Amber Oliver


For anyone that has lost their way, Profound is the place to run to. Their care and attention really was the differentiating factor. You can tell that their team strives every day to make a difference in the lives of each person that comes in.


Amelia Burgess


Profound has been a very welcoming experience the staff have a close bond with the clients the sober living homes are very nice and very clean the house manager Lisa is the most caring and loving person I


Angela Real


Changing your unhealthy habits when you are an addict is the hardest thing to do.Thanks to the team at profound rehab, I didn't have to face my addictions alone. I am now 2 years sober and have a life outside of my addiction that I never thought I would have. Before this rehab I went to 3 other rehabs and I didn't stay clean for more than a month. Highly recommend.


anna Lori


Matt Jaffe only has 1 year sober, and he controls almost everything within the sober living houses. Flop House.


Art Gonzalez


I know most people don


Ashley Terry


This place performs illegal activity


Bri Carey


The house managers at profound Nick Wood and Nick Caddy took my package away from me and opened it and kept what I ordered, told me they didn


Brianna Carey


Profound was actually a really good place. I was only there for a few weeks but I really liked it. I've been to a lot of pretty bad places and this place was really good. The staff was nice, the office was clean and a lot of people that work there are sober. I definitely would recommend it!


Browsy Boy