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Pierre Accounting prides themselves on serving the needs of everyone from individuals to corporations and small businesses. Their financial experts are your greatest ally in business, helping you grow big or small by providing tax assistance for all levels of income and budgeting expertise. With offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, Austin TX- their services cover a wide range geographically so they can be available wherever needed!

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I wish I would have used Eric Pierre when I first started my business! After seeing my first tax bill, I knew I needed to make a change in who would be preparing my taxes. I hired Eric because he is diligent, proactive, and quick to respond. He ended up restructuring my business and helped me to keep track of my spending so I can maximize my deductions. It was a pleasant surprise when I saw that last years tax bill was reduced by 60% compared to the previous years. I will definitely be using Eric Pierre as my Cpa from now on.


Adam Cato


Eric is the perfect balance of professional and approachable. He


Adam Grab


A+ service! Very timely and extremely professional. Looking forward to doing business with this Cpa in the future with my wife and I. Thanks Eric


B Hicks


I am so grateful to have Eric as a resource for my business. Especially when things are so uncertain and I had to shut down my business temporarily. He answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly and put my mind at ease!! I would eagerly recommend him to all my friends and family as well as fellow entrepreneurs!!


Charlotte Smith


Eric Pierre and I worked on an engagement together recently and I was extremely impressed with the strategic input he had. Eric knew what needed to be done, how to do it, and was able to offer insights that were outside the original scope of work but necessary, client immediately jumped on board...Working with Eric, you will receive commitment, integrity, diligence, accuracy, and timeliness; all virtues that me and my team stand by and so should yours.


Damien Scott


I will remain a client both for my small business and personal returns for years to come.


Erica Connell


My experience with Eric Pierre has been spectacular. Eric has demonstrated that he is a phenomenal expert in local and state taxation. He is brilliant in the strategies that he has to offer and he is also a very likable, personable person. He is different from other CPAs in that he actually returns calls, emails and delivers on time and a lot of tax savings. Eric Pierre is Your Favorite Cpa!


Jacques LeBlanc


Eric is very talented, wise, professional and is going to help you succeed in whatever your financial needs are. He takes the time to understand your problems and provide you with the best solution. Not only is he very intelligent, he is very personable...which can be a rare trait in accountants. I highly recommend Eric and can't say enough great things about working with him.


Katie Thomas


Eric is an outstanding and extremely knowledgeable Cpa, I would recommend him to anybody who wants their business structure, taxes, and books done correctly


Marko Manuel


quality work and very professional. If not your favorite Cpa, he will be. Does the whole nine yards for us, & great Cpa to work with!


Melanie Macatangay