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If you're looking for quality, low-cost products such as tattoo supplies and body jewelry Phoenix Tat2 Supplies is the place to go. In 1994, we established ourselves in sunny Southern California with our one goal: providing quality products at prices customers can afford so they have success in their business.

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Over all this place is what ever they have Chinese rotary tattoo machines that break down after a couple uses they say they. Ome with swiss and pro motors but that is Bs as well as they over price alot of they're stuff and isn't worth the time and effort might as well order online and as for the quality of some of the machines vary they charged my around 70 for a tattoo machine I come to find out was worth no more than 25 ....overpriced.. on another note there are times they don't even carry items you need for months supply store maybe if your really in need and have no where else to go other than that never again


alex panda


I've been here to buy tattoos supplies always great customer service. The girls here are very nice and helpful.


Brenda Marin


This guy name Jorge in the Alameda swapmeet. He said he had a licensed for body piercing and tattoos. When it came down to piercing my partners toung vertically, he just grab her toung and just Jammed the needle in her toung. At first I was tripping on seeing the new way but once I saw her in pain and pouring out blood, I got pissed off. This guy shouldn't even be touching people's body and putting thier selfs at risk with infections. Now she can't feel her tip of her toung and lost some of her taste buds. Never would I come here again nor let anyone I know not to do so either. Btw this place doesn't pass the health and safety regulations. Go to Del Amo swap meet and go with fat boy the piercer.


Briana Macias


Steve pierced my conch today and made it such a painless and quick experience. Definitely will go back for next piercing!!!! Thanks Steve!!


Camerone Harline


Fantastic people and great service


christine woolery


Great customer service. I really feel conformable asking questions. Employees are very helpful, and nice!




Convenient for sure quality is so so but overall it


Edge Unsinn


I really recommend this place i got a nose piercing the staff was very professional and the had a huge selection of jewelry. Good pricing overall




Bought tattoo supplies but dont know how to tat KrazyFreeFree


Freeman Mays


For the most part good service especially by the thick pretty girl, shes awesome, i had no issues till today. I recently bought a Hyper Stigma tattoo gun as well as another nice rotary machine they had on sale, i spent almost 200. As i was checking out the short mexican girl dropped one of the machines on the floor, but still went on with the sale. Amazingly that machine works fine, but the hyper stigma wich is supposed to be better broke down on me after the second use. When i mentioned it to the same girl that dropped the other machine, she just shrugged her shoulders and made no comment... I might have to find another supply shop.... 3 stars for a careless employee.


Fumas Yousmoke