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NuView Treatment Center is a Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Rehab program with the goal of inspiring hope, create lasting change one client at a time. With this in mind, our focus is to address each unique set of circumstances that you will face while also providing personalized care for all clients who come through our doors!

Los Angeles,ca
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This Iop program has had such a positive impact on my life. I was enrolled in their Los Angeles outpatient rehab program for around 2 months and it was amazing! I am so grateful for NuView Iop and for everyone that I came in contact with during my stay.


Brett Rayan


I have been enriched by this Iop program so much. My outpatient rehab program with them in Los Angeles lasted around 2 months, and it was excellent! I credit the entire staff of the center; therapists, group facilitators, and administrative personnel, with my recovery. Thanks so much to NuView Iop and all the people I encountered while I was there. I am pleased to have found this Iop one late night while searching on Google for one near me.


Dahlia Elise


I would recommend this outpatient rehab program to anyone who is struggling with addiction or mental health disorders. With so many treatment centers to choose from in La, it can sometimes be challenging to find a good fit, however this place has it all! Thanks guys!!????


Deandre Abbey


Their way to treat their patients is different and very effective. My brother spent 3 months in this rehab center and he is in good condition now.Thank you.....??


Hardy Cherry


It is an amazing facility and staff. It truly meant a lot to me that they helped my loved one. All of you are appreciated.


Jaida Milagros


You've come to the right place if you're battling with addiction or mental health issues. They are true professionals who will undoubtedly provide you with the best care.


Kevin Braedon


This is one of the best places to start your recovery from addiction. All staff members are genuinely concerned about your recovery!


Kim Farroway


Someone very close to me was in your wonderful facility some time back. This individual suffered from alcohol and drug addiction and no one realized how bad it was until that individual nearly died. Your outpatient rehab, counseling, and care for your patients literally saved this person's life. Over a year sober. This could not have been possible without NuView! We would recommend your facility to anyone in Los Angeles. God Bless!!!


Marks Collum


Great addiction treatment Centre! I can see a lot of change in my health now, seems like the addiction was a thing of the past. A true gem in the beautiful Beverylwood neighbourhood of Los Angeles, California.


Rinehart Claudia


This is the best IOPs in Los Angeles, California. It's really their goal to cater to everyone who walks through their doors, offering a compassionate approach that's hard to find elsewhere????


Schindler Grant