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North Shore Pediatric Therapy began in Glenview, IL with 500 square feet of space and no employees. Deborah Michael founded the company to provide occupational therapy for children who needed it most but had problems finding an appropriate therapist due to their age or location. The business continues growing as they begin providing more services including social work-related activities by becoming accredited providers.

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I love everything about this place. My son loves it and goes running for the door when we park. Not only does he love it he has learned so much in such a small period of time he has been here. The therapist are amazing so welcoming and make you feel amazing and are so open to answer question and always willing to accommodate based on your needs of your child and family. All the staff makes you feel so welcomed just like family. This place is like a second home to my son. I would definitely recommend Nspt to anyone.


Alysa Concepcion


Stephanie B is an amazing Pt. She truly cares and is fully invested in each session. I see my child's progress each week and she makes a meaningful difference. The facility is great.


Amy Ward


We are very satisfied with that place.The staff was very helpful.The children enjoyed the time spend here.We would definitely recommend the place to other families.


Anna Morawska


I highly recommend North Shore Pediatric Therapy. My daughter is 2.5 years old and during our first visit she was throwing a major temper tantrum. Our therapist was very patient and kind and we made it through. At our second appointment my daughter was so very happy to see her therapist and left me in the waiting room without hesitation! While observing other families in the waiting area it


Ariel Dotts


The only problem is that we live in Se Wi and wish they had offices a little closer for continuing treatment.


Danielle Smith


We have loved our experience at Nspt. We love how caring and personal the therapists and office staff are. We have had two therapists while here and both have alot of patience with our son and seem sincerely concerned with his progress. We have been amazed at his progress since he began therapy here. They give us weekly updates and activities to work on at home so that we can aid in his progress. The office staff is friendly and are very understanding and accomidating when we have to reschedule.


Jamie Brunson


Our son Marky began going to Northshore right before he turned 3yr old. We began seeing Colleen for OTin the Bucktown location because he was having major melt downs and anxiety in social settings. He would crying and cling to my husband and I relentlessly even when we were around familiar faces such as his grandparents. When my daughter was born he refused to make in type of interaction with her. He would scream and cry instead of using words to communicate. Once we began seeing Colleen she recommended we begin speech therapy to help with Marky's communication skills. From this point our pediatrician had requested we have Marky take a Neuro test because the melt downs especially in social settings were still very severe. We of course reached out to Nspt and they helped us by connecting us with Dr. Issacs, she was very kind understanding and helpful. Marky was officially diagnosed with moderate high functioning Autism. Our hearts were broken. Dr. Issacs recommended that Marky begin receiving a minimum of 10 hours a week of Aba therapy. We met with Jennifer and her team of therapist, to call them amazing is not enough. Our Marky has grown and blossomed in ways we never could have imagined. By the age of 4yrs old his melt downs were minimal and he was speaking in full sentences requesting and expressing his thoughts and needs. We have been Very blessed to have met Colleen and Megan and all of the therapist at Northshore. Currently we work with Brianna and her Aba team, and we still see Colleen and Megan for speech and Ot they are our family. We absolutely Love them and could not begin to thank them for all they have done for not just our family, but our Marky. He now plays with his sister, has conversations with her and his cousins, is able to attend birthday parties and we can have people over our house without our little guy going into a complete panic attack. To me it feels short of a miracle. I will forever be embedded to Northshore and their team.


Janet Calderon


Great therapists and an awesome facility to help with your children's needs!


John Taurozzi


We have been with Nspt therapy for about a year now through our pediatrician's recommendation. We have enjoyed our experience with our Neuropsychologist who then recommended us to receive a reading program through their speech therapist. This has been a huge help to improve our daughter's reading ability and is in addition to the reading program she is receiving in school. The speech therapist was knowledgeable and really knew how to navigate our daughters challenges and strengths. I highly recommend them and have been for months now.


Julie Emms


My daughter is receiving Speech, Ot and Pt therapy and All her therapist are amazing! She has improved So much since she's been going to therapy at Nspt. The whole staff is so sweet and full of energy, and the therapists show a genuine interest in wanting to see my daughter do well. This isn't the first time my daughter has been in speech therapy, but it is the first time she is excited about it and you can actually see that she's learning, unlike with her past therapist (not here at Nspt) Big Thanks to Julie on that!!


Karina Alvarez