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Nexus Healthcare Solutions, is Los Angeles based healthcare Pros who help physicians build Profitable Practices through revenue growth. They offer the opportunity to minimize your work by inputting information from patient encounter form superbill into their advanced billing software and submit this electronically for you. This will reduce your cost of needing to own, update and operate any unneeded software.

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Our office has been using Nexus for several years now and they have been so helpful in helping our patient's with their billing matters and helping our office with submitting claims on time and following up on claims. They are extremely organized and help answer all our questions promptly. They are up to date on all insurance and billing changes and have been great in helping both our office and our patient's to understand the confusing world of insurance these days. Highly highly recommend!


Amie Kim


Keeping track of medical bills is never easy. Nexus makes it easier than I could have expected.


Ari Miller


I've worked with the people at Nexus as both a colleague and a patient. There attention to detail and professionalism makes it incredibly easy to work with them. They're able to solve any problem and answer any question simply, quickly and effectively. Thank you for making medical billing so easy for the rest of us!


Benny Smith


Not only is Nexus a great company, but Akiva, the company's owner has become a trusted friend, advisor, and counselor.


Dr. Jason Cohen


I worked with Nexus on their Utilization Reviews... they are committed to ethical, top-notch, and sound client care, and I've appreciated their hands-on support. There are lots of billing companies out there, and many who are 'bad apples'... Nexus is not one of them. I recommend Nexus for your company's UR needs.




consistently impressed by their attention to detail, persistence, and dedication in addressing client needs. I trust Nexus because their leadership are honest people with integrity who do their best for clients. Highly recommended.


Harry Nelson


They did not file a claim with my insurance company for a Dr.s visit for 2 years. When they finally got around to it and my Dr. alerted me to a balance, I paid my part immediately; almost $500. I continue getting bills from them. The most recent bill says, "Final Notice." No idea if they will send me to collections for a bill ALREADY PAID and fraudulently sent.


Hoppy Sparkles


I have been a customer of Nexus for over 5 years. I am very supportive of this business. They have done reliable and professional work for our small business for > 5 years. I have direct access to the CEO Akiva for all questions and projects. But I rarely need it b/c my account manager Emily is extremely competent. They interact very well with out patients. They leverage technology to help us connect to our patients, They have creative solutions to many problems that arise. When I am stuck, they always seem to have a great way to handle the business. We have many fewer complaints from our customers. They do consulting for our practice efficiency too. Most practice advancements have been achieved with the coordination of Nexus. Whenever we add on a service, they are there with us researching the billing and cost/benefit analysis. They have great references for my random questions. They have a lot of customers, so their experience and specific knowledge comes from a diverse customer based in Los Angeles, and I believe other municipalities. I schedule regular meetings with my team and they are quite fun. I would say their "can-do" attitude is a breath of fresh air. In a field governed by rules and regulations, they provide value and creativity to help small businesses provide excellent service to their patients. I am a fan. No plan to switch. Actually I usually recommend my colleagues to meet with them when considering changing providers.


Leo Treyzon


I have been working with Nexus healthcare solution for many years and their service is wonderful. Ori and his professional billing team are efficient and quick to respond. I appreciate their follow up to health plans to ensure timely payment and thorough explanation to patient with billing concern. I highly recommend Nexus Healthcare for Medical billing services!


Sarom Hong


Would give zero stars if possible. For months, Nexus has continued to send bills for a medical group with which they no longer have a contract. Bill was paid in full directly to the medical group; Nexus was notified with amount and check number; medical group also notified them. Recorded message on the phone number listed on the bill states they're the billing office for the medical group, which they are NOT.