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New Age Elder Care Inc. is a woman-owned company formed in 2006 with two locations, the main office being in Chicago and an affiliated office located outside of Buffalo Grove, IL. The service offered by NAEC encompasses all areas within the city limits as well as Chicagoland area at large; presently they take care of over 750 clients using 450 staff members to continue this trend for years to come.

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5 Reviews

Natasha & Alexander


Alexander Krichevsky


After last team of supervisors left, the company is very unorganized & unprofessional. Employees such as myself are baffled by such nonsense. The company needs to give supervisors Englishspeaking classes because they have very broken English.




I had a 50 year old woman helping me and on that very first day I told her what she would be expected to do and she was perfectly fine wit. After the first couple of days she started showing her true mater. She was very defiant, constantly complaining, very combative, she was not friendly, she always seemed to be in a terrible mood, and brought it into her work. Her name is Agata, I hope that Ivan does not keep her in his employment, I hope she is fired. When I finally asked her if we could try to get to the bottom of why she was acting this way, she yelled You Have No Life, And I Hope You Find One! All You Care About Is Yourself! Nobody Will Want To Deal With You, Except For Your Mother Who Has Too!! She said more rude thing's after I had told her to leave, but finally left. I Will give this homecare place another chance but if the next person is just as bad, I'm finding a new place!!! Nobody That's Going Through A Hard Time Should Have To Deal With Somebody Like This!!


Katie Lynn Melbourn


Just changed vendors for my parents, and so far it has been a wonderful experience working with the supervisor Jermaine. Totally pleased with the customer service. So glad to finally find a vendor who cares!!! Thank you!!


L Mcgrew


My job place. Beautiful environment.


Melonie Payton