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As a growing mobile application and software design company, Mystic Media time to time monitors the unique trend to anticipate future tech leads. From their CEO to their team members of senior programmers, engineers, app designers, online advertiser, and graphic designers, they have a decade of experience creating industry-leading plannings and custom assistance.

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Mystic Media was extremely helpful in developing my app and website. They gave me a quality app and advice along along the way. Being completely new into making an app and website, I really appreciated this. They have been quick to reply to questions and concerns I have had. I was also happy with the speed and quality they wanted to make sure they put into their work.


Aaron Combs


Mystic Media is an innovative group of professionals that have helped our business accelerate with effective technology that has surpassed all of our competitors. I highly recommend giving them a call to see how they can help you!


Autumn Salinas


We've been working with Mystic Media for more than two years. We have presented them with a wide variety of problems and tasks related to the application they developed for us. They have always found ways to solve those problems and to do what we've needed. Often, their solutions are better than our visions. Bingo players really love our application, and that has a lot to do with what Mystic Media has created.


Brian Mansell


Mystic Media is an innovative company producing beautiful technology. They were contracted on a project involving state of the art technology not readily available, where they did a superior job. Initially, we had hired 3 outside engineering resources to assist across multiple platforms, with Mystic Media being one team. As we moved through the project, it became obvious that Mystic Media was the most capable team and delivered the best results for the time and money spent. Communication can often be a barrier when working with external resources, but not with Mystic Media. They were much more responsive, engaging, and resourceful than the other teams! Soon we had Mystic Media take over the entire project which allowed us to overcome the challenges we were experiencing with the other teams. Immediately we saw leaps and bounds of improvements as they worked diligently to get the project completed. The technology worked fantastic, and Mystic continues to be very supportive any time assistance is needed. Mystic Media is very knowledgeable with cutting edge technology, software development, web development, mobile app development, etc. We will use Mystic again and would highly recommend them to anyone.


Cody Hall


We have and continue to work with Mystic Media to develop a proof of concept and demo platform for a software/hardware solution. Mystic helped us define a hardware platform based on the constraints of the software libraries we needed to use. Mystic worked with our software library provider to integrate into the system. Mystic has been prompt to respond to requests and worked with us to refine and improve the software package to meet our requirements.


G3 Acoustics


We are a Salt Lake City-based Instagram account that focuses on capturing the life of two German Shepherds: Oscar and Oakley. We hired Mystic Media to create a digital marketing plan to grow our social media following on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and more. Our goal was to become an Influencer in the pet Instagram space so that we could ultimately monetize the account through sponsorships and strategic partnerships. Mystic Media successfully boosted our account significantly by employing a variety of digital, content, and social media marketing tactics. We have partnered with over 10 companies, receiving products and compensation for sponsored posts. We are one of the up-and-coming influencers in the pet Instagram space and continue to work with Mystic on an ongoing basis. We would recommend them to anyone looking to boost their social media presence!


German Shepherd Lifestyle


We worked with Mystic Media to develop an iOS and Android app that allowed a simple / easy set up for our line of access points. Team did a great job on the UX and backend development. Fast, through and reasonably priced.


Jeffrey Curtis


Great Company!


josh holfeltz


Working with Mystic Media on our mobile app project yielded an incredibly fruitful long-term relationship. They had the resources to take care of nearly every step of the application development and release process, from initial graphic designs and marketing plan, to programming and application development, to release, app store submission, social media and experiential marketing, patent submission and more. They always had good advice and were collaborative, responsive, knowledgeable and passionate. Can’t recommend them enough!


MAd Reach


I have been working with Mystic Media for nearly 3 years now. They developed my app, did my branding, created my packaging, and created my website. They are reliable and they are innovative problem solvers.


Wishing Pixies