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In order to provide the best service, Munyon & Sons provides an expert team of buyers and sellers. They specialize in all forms of personal property such as fine furniture, furnishings, artwork crystal china silver watches diamonds gold coins clothing pottery tools appliances stereo electronics along with pots pans dishes knives forks cups spoons knifes You can find every variety here for your next sale or purchase!

Los Angeles,ca
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I love Munyon and Sons sales..They always have the cleanest, most organized, most beautifully displayed and fairly priced sales, I think, in all of Los Angeles. When ever I get an email for one of their estate sales, I know I am going to find something amazing. They are a honest hardworking company to hire if it is a parents estate, or if you are the trustee of an estate, because you are guaranteed to get the most return, moneywise, on your items. I would confidently hire them for my estate. A lot of estate sales liquidators aren't very careful this way and almost treat the estate sale like a yard sale, with no prices and just guessing at what an item might be worth and I guarantee that that liquidator loses money for the estate. I love how the Munyons loyalty for the estate comes first, and the buyers are always in for a treat Prices have been well researched and are fair for both buyer and seller. I love their sales and always show up, no matter how far the drive.


candace clark


People like you give negative and wrong reflect of Beverly hills people.I understand everyone is tense these days, but if they cant be people person or having issue, please stay home. selling high end items doesn't give permission to have nasty attitude towards your customers. Even if the customer make mistakes ,which I wasn't ,you can says. we are not agree on the price sorry we make mistakes . their audited was so unprofessional and nasty, unbelievable... when I observe other crew member they all had an attitude problem


saphora shokrian