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When it comes to advancing your IT recruitment strategy, Motion is the right partner. From one country to an entire globe at-large and all points in between, we offer the most comprehensive suite of services for any company looking for a strategic advantage when managing their workforce needs from end-to-end.

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I was casually looking for a job when Derek and his team reached out to me with some companies that piqued my interest. They were very helpful with making me aware of what positions and companies would seem like a good fit for me, and helped me get some interviews set up. I'd also like to give a shout out to Sam for giving me great advice with the interview process as well as negotiating a great salary. 55 would use their services again.


A Su


This company has matched me with a great job that I'm very happy with. Both Robin and Caroline have been communicative with me and helped me through the interview process greatly. I am very grateful for what they have done for me.


Aaron Bourdeaux


Thank you Brittney and all of the Workbridge Associates team!


Adam Ellwood


My experience has been great. Zack has been proactive, attentive and hardworking through out the process. Zack and Michael and their colleagues have stayed on top of things, updating and communicating with me on a daily basis.


Ahmed Hussein


Hard workers, they do their best to find you best fit opportunities taking in consideration the job seeker's demands as their search criteria. Haven't got my job through them but they are definitely great people to work with. Shout out to Alex Samuel for her efforts.




Great company. Working with Alex has been a pleasure! She's knowledgeable and professional, and was always willing to address any concerns that I had as a potential jobseeker.


Alex English


I recently moved from Pa to Los Angeles and Workbridge was one of the recruiters I used to apply to tech jobs in the area. I mainly worked with Ed who put me in touch with several companies, including the one that eventually hired me. He and the rest of the team were extremely helpful and gave me frequent updates on what jobs were available and where I was at in the application process. I definitely would not have found work so quickly without them!


Alex Meade


This is past recruiting and is now a harassment.


ali mojarrad (General3Dots)


I got a chance to work with Zack Templeton and this is amazing guy. He submitted me for a position that was absolutely perfect in a great company. Unfortunately I went another way, but Zack was patient with me and continued to be courteous with me. Next time I'm in the job market, I'm coming to Zack first before anybody else.


Ali Qazi


Kudos to Workbridge Associates.


Alvin Ceballos