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Mile High Garage Doors is not your typical garage door company. We offer fast service at friendly prices and specialize in repairs for both residential garages as well as openers, replacing rollers/ Springs among other things! Plus we're family owned so you know that when it comes to quality standards there will be no problems getting what you need from us- even if it's something big." Garage Builder_1,Garage Builder,Colorado,Denver,Mile High Garage Door Specialists ,,,4.6,(303) 993-7617,"Mile_High_Garage_Door_Specialists_Garage_Builder_Denver_1632602643.748693_0.png, Mile_High_Garage_Door_Specialists_Garage_Builder_Denver_1632602644.2227178_1.png, Mile_High_Garage_Door_Specialists_Garage_Builder_Denver_1632602644.6676955_2.png, Mile_High_Garage_Door_Specialists_Garage_Builder_Denver_1632602644.9576929_3.png, Mile_High_Garage_Door_Specialists_Garage_Builder_Denver_1632602645.2507024_4.png