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Mamba Vp is great. They found us a great sales Va to help boost our company's sales.


Andrew Berault


I cannot describe how impressed I have been with Mamba Virtual Placement. The training they put my assistant through was extensive and efficient. So efficient that I literally was seeing results before I even knew my assistant was officially working! Zach and his team are extremely friendly and prompt to reply to any question I have. This is my first hire and will definitely not be my last. Highly recommend Mamba Virtual Placement


Andrew Howell


Absolute game changer for my business. Our ability to find and close new business has taken a huge leap forward with Mamba's VAs. I recommend them to any freight business looking to grow quickly and efficiently.


Brent Staton


Zach and his team are laser focused on doing all they can to help you generate business! Very capable and motivated bunch at Mamba!!


Curt Calhoun


Mamba Vp is a very smooth and friendly process. Everyone is professional, kind, and is placed within their skills properly. It has been a pleasure working together with Mamba Vp all my questions are always answered, emails are responded to in a timely manner, and we have recruited over 5 employees and will be doing more in near future.


Danna Shmuel


Very pleased! They delivered what they promised and we are reaping the benefits. Thanks Zach!!!


Dave Wayt


Best vp reps in the industry!! Zach is amazing! I have been with other virtual placement companies and Mamba has been absolutely the best. Highly recommended for companies that want to grow quickly.


Greg Guerra


This company is a scam...beware!!! Smoke and mirrors. Just type virtual employee online and you can do this yourself without wasting time. He is using people in India and trying to profit off of them by paying pennies and charging you dollars to outsource. Not very patriotic. It looks like he even has his friends writing reviews to make it look better...If you are looking to give American jobs away to folks in India then this is the place for you!


jack baron


Zach was very accommodating with helping me get what I needed to get off the ground. In my first month I ended up with several accounts and did nothing but put the systems Zach gave me into place and the leads generated on their own. Zach's team also managed my lead generator and kept them on a regular schedule with everything needed to ensure quality work was done. When I got laid off Zach let me pay less for the time being and was very understanding of my regular job issues which funded my lead gen. All in all extremely happy and will be adding several lead generators in the coming months. It was worth every penny and it was up and running within a week.


Josh Forst


Josh B.


Josh W. Bellis