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We are the best Los Angeles house cleaners and maid service around! We're available at your convenience to take care of any dirty job that you need. Our professional staff is well trained and efficient, making sure no detail goes unnoticed.

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Los Angeles Maid Service & House Cleaners make my studio look amazing every week. Best service ever!! Really happy with them.


Abe Bednar


Great service! Amazing !


Action Jackson


Los Angeles Maid Service & House Cleaners helped me clean up our old apartment after my partner and I moved. We had lived in this apartment for 3 years and it showed. Los Angeles Maid Service & House Cleaners were able to come in and in the course of 4 hours made the entire place look like new. I mean they got spot off the stove that I had scrubbed for hours previously and made no progress on. I have no idea how they did it! They were quick, efficient, and professional. If you need a cleaner, hire Los Angeles Maid Service & House Cleaners. They're the best.


Alex Yue


I have been using this service for about 6 months now and I am so glad I finally found the one company I will need. Before that I was switching companies almost every month because they all had different issues come up.


Alexandra Coleman


Los Angeles Maid Service and House were some of the best house cleaning services i


Amber Ruzic


Truly blown away by the professional cleaning service from them. They did an amazing job on deep cleaning my studio apartment everything is shining and literally sparkling now. It was my first time using the service and I'm 100% satisfied! I will definitely be using this service more regularly. Thanks!!


Amy Stone


They did a wonderful job! We were very pleased and will use again!


Beth Bowers


Martha's team from Los Angeles Maid Service & House Cleaners are assigned to me in La and I really wish I could have hem in my orange county property too! Best service.


Bette Jacobi


Javier and Leslie did a fantastic job cleaning our apartment before we moved. They were very pleasant to work with and arrived early to the job. Daniela also provided great customer service via text to give us a cleaning quote and coordinate times. We will use Los Angeles Maid Service & House Cleaners in the future and would recommend it to our friends.


Billaker Porrlker


They are wonderful with their communications as well as finishing the job the way you want. I had a minor problem that I just mentioned without expecting much but they came all the way back just to fix it. I would certainly use them in the future. I required them to clean a house after moving out. If you require any type of cleansing done, This is the agengy to go to!!


Bobby Willmon