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Warren R. Shiell is a Certified Family Law Specialist - a distinction earned by less than 1 in 200 family attorneys and has been endorsed by other family lawyers and judges, applying nearly 30 years of legal experience to resolve his clients' disputes with minimal conflict or litigation through negotiation, mediation, settlement conferences.

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8 Reviews

I was deeply disappointed because Mr. Shiell came warmly recommended as a tough but fairminded divorce lawyer who charged reasonable rates and gave clients their money


Andrew Gumbel


They answered all my questions.


Channa Lee


Warren did a fine job. I think we worked together, and communicated well, as a team. We established three or four key points. Gathered facts and data, and presented those in very clear, almost irrefutable Exhibits. Being as highly motivated as I was to win this case, I was willing to put in whatever hours were needed to generate documents that supported the arguments as Mr. Shiell indicated. All in all, the outcome was better than I had hoped.


Chudy Bowers


I have recommended and will continue to highly recommend Warren to people who are in the process of separation or divorce.


George Valdez


Warren Shiell did an excellent job representing me. He clearly knows his subject matter inside and out, and is highly articulate in his arguments. I found him to be not only very responsive but also proactive, as well as reliable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Warren in any matter regarding family law. He is very smart, an expert in the field and an excellent person to have on your side.


Jessica Schell


Warren is conscientious, reliable, intelligent, and professional. He did great work for me and I'd happily work with him again in the future. He explained everything to me clearly in terms I could understand, and followed through with excellent results. His knowledge and experience in family law is unrivaled some of his work has become case law! In fact, the lawyer on the other side of the table clearly respected Warren very highly, which helped resolve things very quickly and effectively.


Joseph Trapanese


My experience with Warren was excellent. He has a very patient and friendly manner, and at the same time he is timely and approachable. In my international case, he gave me good advice and won my case in court. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Nassim Hosseinpour


Wow is the first word that comes to mind about Warren. I had a tough case fighting for custody of my teenager. It is hard to enforce custody orders when your child is older and it was imperative to have enforceable orders as the clock was running out. His orders along with Ex Parte's to get the job done in the shortest time we could do, were amazing. Warren knew just the orders to ask for that were enforceable. If you are coming from your heart as a parent for the best interest of your child, taking steps towards that goal consistently and with determination. Warren can help you move forward as soon as possible for the best interest of your child. I highly recommend him so very much!! I highly recommend him so very much!!


Sheri Geoffreys