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Rodney and his team have been very helpful and supportive after having to deal with my late sister's small estate affairs. It was a very difficult time for my family, but working with Rodney and his team made it a lot easier to get through. Thank you for your professional services and quick responses to our needs!


Amanda Clark


Mr. Gould discussed my legal matter with me personally, rather than through a secretary or assistant. He had my needed legal documents to me within hours, when other attorneys either didn't answer their phones at all or told me it would be days or even weeks for a turnaround. Thank you Mr. Gould!


Andy Jermstad


An absolutely fabulous experience working with Rodney Gould! His professionalism and timely advice were very much appreciated. Both my adult daughter and I needed to createupdate our wills and other health care documents. Rodney worked closely with our financial advisor and made the entire process very streamlined. Rodney is a great listener and very knowledgeable about the full scope of actions we needed to take while living in California. My strongest endorsement.


Anne Leary


Rodney was extremely organized, professional and personable. I would highly recommend him! He has a way of making some difficult decisions seem easy.


Annette Lombardi


Rodney was great about handling our needs. If I needed to talk to him, he got back to me in a very timely manner. He answered our questions. Our documents were great. If I need a lawyer again, I will certainly call upon him for his services.


Bernard Watkins


I needed to finally complete a Living Trust with some unusual conditions. I posted for an attorney who was animalfriendly, and Rodney responded quickly, answered all my questions, and completed the Trust within my budget. This was the best experience I have had with an attorney!


Cheri Bentley


What a great experience! I had a 15 year old estate plan, prepared in another state, that was badly in need of a thorugh review and update. I could tell right away in our initial consultation which was friendly, unrushed, and very informative that Rodey's a wealth of knowledge, and even better, he's one of the few who can explain the concepts, the important choice points, and their implications in a really clear and understandable way. All in all, the whole experience was much smoother, easier, and more positive than I ever thought was possible. It's true, Rodney's the Gould Standard... er, I mean the Gold Standard when it comes to estate planning! Thanks, Rodney!


Chris Smith


Ken and Barbara Campbell


Cov Preschool


After inquiring locally and not happy with the quotes I received, I was referred to Rodney by our regional church. He got our revokable trust paperwork done quickly and efficiently, all without needing to meet up in person.


Dan Sherwood


I contacted Rodney a while back regarding getting a willtrust done and called a fair few times with questions. Rodney was always available to either take my call or call me backrespond to an email. I was never made to feel like I was bothering him. Due to personal circumstances it took me a while to get going however there was no pressure from them at all. Since getting my willtrust done I have contacted Rodney again several times in fact about another matter and again each time he has been availableresponsive. The cost of their service was very competitive compared to other lawyers I contacted however more importantly Rodney was nothing but helpful at all times. I did also get to meet him in person and found him very friendly and likeable. Not many lawyers you can probably say that about! :) I would highly recommend him.


Debb Bush