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Our firm ONLY practices family law. We consider ourselves among the blessed, for we truly love our work and know that this is where God has led us to be in order to help families achieve their goals of a happy life together

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I had a child custody and support case which she and her wonderful assistant Jennifer were able to handle quickly and efficiently with as good as an outcome as I could have hoped. I only met her once and the rest of our correspondence was via email and phone calls. I found it far more efficient than having to take time off work to go to her office and didn't have to deal with snail mail either. Although for her services I would go into her office if need be. She is surprisingly (only because, warm and helped put me at ease during a time when I was stressed and emotional. If you are unfortunate enough to have to retain a lawyer, go with the best and go with Kelly, she's worth every penny.


A Google User


Caring, professional, and efficient. Thank you Kelly for being so awesome. :) I would highly recommend Kelly as a family law attorney.


Aaron Yan


Initially I thought I could handle my divorce without the use of a lawyer, but after one year I realize I was wrong when a lawyer from my former spouse contacted me. So I started my research for a lawyer in California from my tent in the desert of Kuwait. This is when I came upon Kelly Chang Rickert and her firm. Kelly took my case and immediately set sail to make my life easier. Kelly and Veronica worked with me in every way possible while handling my case with me being oversees the entire time. I never had to make a physical court appearance and was only committed to two phone calls: conference call with both lawyers and former spouse; conference call with the judge. Overall it was a long journey to get to this point, which is


Anthony Mohammed


She is amazing!


Atousa Saei


Kelly was the third attorney I talked with. I chose her on the same call as she was direct and had such a easy to talk to personality. I wasn't getting that 'click' with others I talked to. They were all just fine...but I did want that 'ahha' moment with someone. Kelly is fantastic. She stayed on top of all I needed before my wedding. Her and her team would gently nudge me to keep things on track and timely. She kept me in the loop on billing in real time. Such a pro and such an open personality. The best of both worlds! A+ & thumbs up!


Brett Freedman


Samira Kermani, Esq.


California Real Estate Law Attorney Samira Kermani


She speaks honest and understands Chinese. Recommended for family law issues.


Feifei Chen


I was dealing with a horrible custody battle and two idiot attorneys who got me nowhere at all. I called Kelly's office and Becca answered. She was so kind and listened to me complain for a while, longer than my other attorneys would ever have let me! She was sweet and helpful and talked me through my situation and answered all of my questions. I am So Glad I hired Kelly and now my ex and I are on good term and we no longer have to waste money on idiot attorneys. 5 stars for Kelly and staff.


Janet McCleary


Kelly is the number one family lawyer on my referral list of attorneys. All family law matters are extremely stressful. Kelly helps reduce the stress by clearly explaining the applicable law, the costs involved and what strategies are best for generating a successful outcome. I've always felt Kelly not only cared about me, but that she not once got involved in unnecessary legal work just to run up her billable hours. From prenup, to divorce and custody issues, in my book, Kelly is the best attorney in Family Law in Los Angeles. She get a huge recommendation from me.


Marcio Micek


Relationships and Finances, when they go bad, are two of the most emotional situations we can find ourselves in. Divorce combines the two and can ruin your life, your spouse's life and your children's lives. Some lawyers see this as an opportunity to exploit these emotionally charged situation to their own benefit. Not Kelly. She has compassion, understanding and an ability to relate to her clients and opposing counsel in a way that is becoming increasingly rare.


Michael Keesling