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Lakewood Building Inspection is a company that helps homeowners and businesses with building inspections in the area. The service they provide includes pre-purchase home inspection, foundation repair contractor support, property maintenance consultation on commercial properties as well as post construction services for new homes or renovations.

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Unreasonably expensive for professional licensing. Was hung up on by a woman at their office who was rude throughout the conversation we had today. Not impressed with Lakewood.


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Again, I have nothing but positive feedback for the review and inspection staff. However, the customer contact role needs vast improvement in knowledge and professionalism.


Bennett Nafe


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Bryon Blake West Dyk Iii Hamburger


Inspector came by and I had a note up saying to call me because I was 5 minutes away running an errand. He left note saying I have to call back and setup new appointment. Pretty sure 5 minutes would not have ruined his day. This is what we call a public servant these days.


Dmitry Smirnov


Attitudes were positive and customer friendly. Much appreciated.


Edward Buckingham


Doing a great job.


Garrett Landrum


Plan reviewer is a nice guy, the ladies who run the counter are god awful. There's always additude.If you're that miserable doing the work you do find a career path that better suits you .i hear rtds hiring.


Joe C


Hands down the stupidest, and most incompetent inspectors in the entire state.


Kristi Love


Terrible inspectors and the ladies at the permit counter are the rudest, most miserable people I've encountered so far with my time on earth. ugh!


Lazarusx Xsurazal


The city of Lakewood building department is the exact reason homeowners do not pull permits for improvements. If you


Michael Zahn