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LA IVF, the best infertility clinic in LA. We offer all medical and surgical treatments such as ovulation induction with Clomid or injectable drugs, intrauterine inseminations (IUI), fertility preservation including egg freezing, hormone therapy like clomiphene citrate for women who have not yet been able to conceive naturally are often recommended by our staff of board-certified specialists at LAIVF. Our hope is that we can help you become a parent!

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Mi miedo era no poder entender por que mi idioma es espa


abby Navarro


Dr. Bayrak is an excellent and very knowledgeable doctor and his staff are the most wonderful people that I ever know. We previously went to other infertility doctor but no help. Dr. Bayrak helped us start a family and we are very happy. Thank you Dr. Bayrak.


alex fung


I can't thank Dr. Bayrak and his team enough. I'm now 18 weeks pregnant with a baby girl! I struggled with infertility due to my age and had a few unsuccessful cycles. Throughout my journey I felt that Dr. Bayrak truly genuinely cared about me and what I was going through, and that he really wanted me to succeed in becoming pregnant. Each time I went to an appointment, I was made to feel like the most important person in the room, and he always took his time to answer all of my questions. Dr. Bayrak helped me out in more ways than one, since I was going through the process on my own and was paying out of pocket, and for that I am so grateful. The whole clinic has a welcoming, positive, and warm atmosphere. It feels like everybody loves working there, and truly cares. Big thanks to Hanna, Amy, Stacey, and everybody else involved in my treatments. You are all amazing. I'm hoping that everything continues to go well in my pregnancy, and that I'll be back for #2 in a couple of years. I can't recommend La Ivf enough.


Alexa Brinkschulte


Dr. Bayrak is a great doctor and very polite staff. Pleasant experience for my wife and I.


Ancelmo Claustro


I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant with our baby girl and this pregnancy has been significantly easier than my previous. Dr. Bayrak followed me until 10 weeks and I have been with my Ob since. I am incredibly excited to welcome the newest member of our family so soon (and in much less time than we assumed we'd need to get to this point). And if, and probably when, we decided to continue to expand our family, I'm happy to know that Dr. Bayrak will be there for me for that journey, too, because this truly was a partnership that made me feel seen for the first time in many, many years of dealing with my infertility.


Aurelia Abcouwer


Extremely Unprofessional Fertility Clinic. Save your time and money and go to a different clinic. I had the worst experience with Dr. Bayrak and his office staff, particularly with the office manager, Stacey Harkins.


Aynee Peralta, J.d.


He is such as god i get baby like his gifts thanks too all team


Dhram chhetri


I just recently graduated from La Ivf and now 11 weeks pregnant. This was my 2nd cycle and had a success in this cycle with Dr. Bayrak at La Ivf. My 1st cycle was at Hrc in Pasadena where it was more of a fast food McDonald type of experience. I did a lot of research for my 2nd cycle and after reviewing over 50 Ivf doctors in Southern California. I found Dr. Bayrak and sure enough I made the right decision. I had a very low reserve with a high Fsh number. Dr. Bayrak had a different protocol for me which I thought was awesome. It showed that he wanted to do things differently that worked for me. He is super smart and knowledgeable. My Ivf Coordinator was Hanna. It


Eunice Yun


I highly recommend Dr Bayrak. First of all, I sincerely felt that Dr Bayrak was trustworthy, open and very knowledgeable. I personally asked so many questions and he addressed them all. He would give the best recommendation for the patient, he wouldn't do any unnecessary test or treatments to make money . I feel he is compassionate and cares about his job. It is hard to find a physician to spend the time and tailor the specific treatment just for you. You don't feel it you are in a factory like some other big clinics. He and his team know you well, they have a clear plan and sometimes more than one ( back up plan) like a decision tree for you. When you are given a roadmap, it really helps. One of the thing I really appreciated was Dr Bayrak responding to emails when I had concerns or questions I forgot to ask in an appointment. His replies were punctual, easy to understand. This journey can be difficult for some, so I highly recommend Dr Bayrak and his team to give you the best chance.


Fatma Isik


We had success on the first try. Dr. Bayrak and his staff were really great. Only wish he could double as our Obgyn.


Greg Simon