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La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center is a gay drug rehab and treatment program that specializes in the issues of LGBTQ individuals. The center has vast experience applying effective intervention techniques to their clients, making it one of the leading centers for this demographic.

Los Angeles,ca
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I am a support staff member at LaFuente Hollywood Treatment Center and I have to say the work we do here rebuilding lives is such a gift. Watching so many lives being transformed and the growth and changes we encourage residents to make is something that is so rewarding not only for residents but our staff as well. Being a former resident myself, I know the solid foundation I have today is a direct result of what I was taught early on in my recovery. Getting to pass it along and give back is what I do today in order to help another. The staff at LaFuente has a primary purpose to help our residents develop tools to maintain a sober healthy life and that is exactly what we are doing.


Anil Patel


I choose to work with addicts because I believe in the power of the 180 degree change. Everyone has their processes, but if you're stuck and the disease is starting to ruin your life, just know this does not Have to happen there is help and there is relief. La Fuente's program is designed to help you perform true change and I really believe we do it in a way that other facilities and programs can. La Fuente's diverse staff and urban vibrant setting can really help you get real help that will help you in real life. For all these reasons and countless more, I am so proud to be apart of this team.


Carolynn Romana


I am a Chemical Dependency counselor at La Fuente. It is a great place to work and in my opinion a great place to get and stay sober. I wish a place like La Fuente existed when I got sober. My coworkers and I are devoted and caring. One of the great things about La Fuente is that it offers an affordable, high quality and personalized experience to those seeking to recover from the ravages of chemical dependency.


Jack Gould


There is no other Lgbt treatment program who cares more than La Fuente or Manny R. If you or a loved one needs treatment, this is a clinically significant program, with a caring supportive staff.


James Flowers


As a support staff member at La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center, I feel extremely proud to be a part of a team of people who are doing an amazing job at helping to heal and rehabilitate people who are challenged with substance abuse addiction. I feel that this treatment center has really put the focus on the individual needs of each client, coupled with the 12 Step Recovery foundation to empower clients to transit back into society as sober, functioning members. I truly believe, it is one of a kind.


Johnathan Wallace


Currently I work at this treatment center in Hollywood California and believe it to be the best treatment center that facilitates healing, positivity, and a level of care second to none. We've all heard or learned about negative experiences from clients coming from other Tx. centers, but honestly, there is immense opportunity to get, stay clean and be happy simultaneously in this program, because the program is all about you! Personalized Treatment Plans, and the ability to be assisted 247 even if you just need to talk to someone in the middle of the night speaks volumes. Come visit us and get ready for the rest of your life!


kim perkins


La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center is an amazing program and I am proud to be a part of it. I feel blessed to work in an environment that allows me to help people grow and change.


Robert Mayers


To date, it's been over a year since my treatment at La Fuente, and while I take things day by day, I have no impulse to start drinking again.


Russell Sveda


La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center is where I really understood that this is a family disease. The staff was amazing and started the dialogue between my mother and I. The wounds were given light to heal so that I could truly start the journey of sobriety. Thank you, Manny and Anil!


Sean Clifford


Very clean and comfortable.Great programs! And treatments. I


Seanisha Jay