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All of us face challenges and transitions in our lives, but when we do there is a need for the strength that comes from community. We know this because at Jewish Family Service LA, it's all about empowering people with services to help them achieve safety, security and wellness.

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Came for family counseling. Approach is a little too traditional for me a bit old school. Counselor was very patient and understanding though. Appreciate their time and consideration of a difficult situation. Not really for me though...


A User


Best Socail service La has to offer Good therapist.


Bobbi Gren


Nice people...caring is sharing..thankyou..


byron byron


Just to get to a point we are getting actual therapeutical help that being said my therapist came 2 weeks ago and abruptly in the beginning of session said that he was only a conduit the messenger from the finance department stating that they were going to pull my therapy unless I gave them my social in full I expressed a few things about Hipaa rights that I thought were violated number one what was expressed to me was 3 people would be handling my social security number my therapist would get it handed to his director who would hand it over to finance I also inquired why Finance didn't contact me directly I also inquired why if they were getting paid did they need to know my entire social security number I was told it had something to do with verifying my identity which I called Bs I cannot express how angry I was by these bullying tactics and violations of my rights I expressed I expected not to be charged for this session that was not a session my therapist left directly after informing me of this I'm listening to my response I was called the following Monday and told that Finance was backing off insisting on my full social had to verify with mental health that they didn't have a reason to insist on my entire social needless to say at a very crucial time in depression here I am without therapy without an outlet so for services that were urgent my welfare is not considered to me this is egregious I'm sure this is a grant and donation-based organization and this is not my only poor experience additionally trying to get services for the 92 year-old I take care of mat with deep disregard disrespect and misinformation until I asked for a supervisor only to find out they weren't in a position of assistance I find the organization to be on two opposite extremes unfortunately more people are responsible and their positions then the few that are above average and amazing in help to me those are not good odds for an organization that is based on assistance to people so though I encourage you to use the outlet here that is there to help be prepared to Advocate and stand your ground undemanding dignity and respect from the people that are paid to help you


Cag Ag


So very grateful for their patience and grace.


Christopher Karwowski


Helped me find d shelter, now I have a home! True story


Invictus IAm


Very helpful. Confidential. Welcoming.


Jaye Restivo


I am a student, veteran, and a person.I do not do this very often(go to a food bank or food pantry.I picked this food bank eventhough I was not close to where I live because I thought I could get a little help to get by and the reviews seemed good and genuine.But I was mistaken and I guess people have to live by the rules they have created. I am not trying to make a big deal out of this but I thought if a person reaches out for some help you give them a little help. I guess that is what I recived no food but a list to go some where else becuase of my zip code. This was a one time deal for me and I am pretty self sufficient. So I will take this experience as a lesson of where not to go or refer any one to this place. I just want to say Thanks for the lesson and the helping hand I recived from your organisation. One more time Thank You Marck Mueller. By the way and probably know one will be concerned anyway but this is the last time I will attempt to go to a food bank or pantry I would rather go hungry.


Marck Mueller


I was dropped from case management because I was hospitalized for my condition; I cried on the phone when I heard this, as I am struggling to survive, but my former case manager couldn't care less. I was informed accidentally several months after the fact; I had been calling and updating my case manager as if she where a case manager, so I was unaware. I have struggled for two years, begging for help from Jewish Family Service to survive my serious autoimmune condition: I fell ill in graduate school and did not have work credits for full disability. I have no family support, and am a survivor of abuse.


Mike Mandel


God bless this place I've been a client for almost 20 years great food amazing service. Special diets God bless this place thank you


Peter Cord