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As one of the nation's top Neograft FUE hair restoration clinics, they Provide advantages over centers that offer both FUE and strip methods. They are exclusively focused on 100% Follicular Unit Extraction Procedures for treating male pattern baldness. Dr. Jezic is the director of the Dr. Jezic’s Center in Houston and has been a 5 star rated doctor by verified patient reviews.

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This place produces results. Just within 3 months of starting my treatment I was starting to see improvements. My stylist, Tamara is amazing and doubled as my therapist at times - THANK YOU! I looked forward to my weekly visits because it was much needed time to unwind as well. I highly recommend this regimen to combat your hair woes. My time here is coming to an end and I am saddened but I am forever grateful for the lessons in hair care I have learned while being here.


Bilkisu I. N.


Solutions Hair Restoration have helped me change my perspective on how I feel about my hair. They have the knowledge and capability to treat hair. they have a variety of natural and healthy products that are helping my hair grow. The service that i have received so far has been phenomenal . i love it and i truly suggest anyone in need of hair restoration to make an appointment with them. YOU WON'T BE DISAPOINTED


celma Zeferino


I had been experiencing significant hair loss/thinning since 2013. I went to 4 dermatologists who all diagnosed me with scarring alopecia, told me that my follicles were dead, my hair was never going to grow back, & wanted me to take doxycycline (medication used to treat malaria & cause loss of eyesight) /steroid injections. Well I am happy to report after 5 months of following Mr. Tessy’s protocol, I have follicles and hair growth in areas that had no signs of hair growth in years, despite all the gimmicks I tried. His team is the best! Tamara has been with me since day 1, and I appreciate her attention to detail & consistently ensuring that every appointment I am well taken care of. Solutions Hair Restoration is a very special place. Until 5 months ago,I was in this hair loss fight alone , despite all the physicians & stylists i had visited searching for answers. Now I have a team to support me. Thank you team!


Chasity Cabell


I started coming here almost a year ago. My review is long overdue! If you are looking for a hair Growth, this is definitely the place to come. You have to follow the process but I promise you, you will get results. My before and after pictures are proof of the amazing products and hair care you receive here! Tamara, Devin, Jared are all truly amazing! I love y’all! The customer service is impeccable! Dr Tessy has great products and very knowledgeable! Thank you sooo much for everything and for helping to build my confidence back! I’m so happy I found this place. Try it out and thank me later!


Elizabeth Nwoke


I am thrilled to see a much improved scalp, hair thickness, and new growth from my treatments. Tessy and Tamara seek to educate their customers, not just treat the customer's concerns. When I go weekly for my appointments, I can readily and easily see Tamara's passion for helping me and others in the office.


Kay Hopkins


Before my sessions in solutions hair restoration i experienced unusual amount of hair loss. After few session i could definitely see less hair loss. The workers here are also very nice and friendly and they care about your experience with them ,Tamaraes is a very caregiving lady, her scalp massages put me to sleep all the time !


kimia mehrabkhani


I’ve been coming to Solutions Hair Restoration for over 6 months. The owner and staff are awesome and very professional. The staff is very knowledgeable, thorough and encouraging. Tamara has been a blessing during this journey. Her love her scalp massages. I have great results so far and I’m excited to see where my hair is at the end of the process. I definitely will continue to come when it’s time for me to enter into the maintenance phase.


LaKeitha Johnson


I must say that I had a wonderful experience during my 6-months of treatment. Tamara was very attentive, caring and considerate. Her hands are anointed. Although my treatment came to an end; I will definitely go back for maintenance and definitely look forward to Tamara’s scalp massage. Thanks for your encouragement and always making me feel comfortable.


LeChieta Williams


See for yourself!!




I started my 12 month plan back on December 31,2019. I came in with no edges and my skin had turned pink from previously getting steroid injections in my scalp from a dermatologist I was seeing. After starting my plan and doing my detox treatments, laser, taking my hair vitamins and stress tonic after about 1 1/2 with consistent treatment my edges started growing back and my scalp started turning back to its regular color. Dr.Tessi is nice and professional and has a wonderful staff. Tamara is the BEST she's good at what she does I look forward to getting my treatments done every week the environment is very relaxing and the staff is great. Solutions Hair Restoration helped me gain my confidence back. Thank you Dr. Tessi and Tamara for helping me get my edges back.


yaya s