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Homewatch CareGivers was founded on the idea that individuals should receive kind, compassionate care tailored to their unique needs and in their preferred surroundings. We know that it can be overwhelming when a stranger comes into your home so we train our professionals not just on high-quality care but also interpersonal relationships too!

Los Angeles,ca
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7 Reviews

Dick and his office staff have been a pleasure to work with. They have listened to our needs and have coordinated caregivers that match the situation perfectly. Would strongly recommend this using this company if you need care for a loved one.


Amy Meyer


I strongly recommend Dick Williams and the Homewatch CareGivers of West La and South Bay team if you are seeking quality care and companionship for a loved one.


Claudia McClain


Since 2013 I have been fortunate that an especially able and attentive Homewatch caregiver has regularly helped me. But even before then, during a difficult six months recovering from the accident, when a variety of caregivers were assigned to help me, I was constantly impressed by and very thankful for their goodhearted professional assistance.


David Ronfeldt


I never get pay for the whole day worth of orientation instead get falsely accuse from the girl call Kit. If I were you, find out exactly where they service, I would not recommend them to anyone. I actually ask kit to remove me from the register. Do not want to work for someone just like to argueaccusecondemn and pick fight. I'll bit she may call back and pick another fight with me about this bad review.


Eva Ho


I use to work for them it was a great experience


Gwendolyn Mitchell


This company really made a difference in my aged parent's quality of life. The director demonstrated enormous tact, understanding and patience. The caregiver who helped us was A Great Match, kind, willing to tackle any task, and provided excellent companionship to a failing senior citizen who can be stubborn. All of us came to rely on Homewatch as a valuable element in mom's routine, helping with a list of activities, chores, errands, conversation and also some fun. It is not easy getting seniors to agree they need help nor finding the right fit but we were thrilled with our experience and would highly recommend Homewatch of West Los Angeles. They are Truly Topnotch


merry farnesi


Great place to work...


Tracy Garcia