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Grasons Co. is an estate sale company and liquidation service that helps people make a difference with their local homes as well as businesses across the Nation by assisting in selling items for them to get rid of, helping stage those properties beautifully so they can sell at higher prices, and giving buyers from all over access to amazing deals on every type of item imaginable!

Los Angeles,ca
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6 Reviews

This estate sale company has their sales at great homes with reasonable prices, and incredibly nice and helpful staff!! I love attending their eatate sales!


Debby Figoni


Nope. Tiny facility today (not a house as their reply indicates, it was in a warehouse behind a supply store in the mid city district they are lying to cover their butts not surprising for this company) and no social distancing practiced by this company. Contrary to their reply no one was reminding people of anything. They were allowing everyone in (no line) as many that showed up to cram into a space with no windows or ventilation except for the door. .People were climbing over each other. I've been to other Grasons La sales and I avoid them. I went today as it was on the way to another sale in Pasadena. Their pricing is inflated and I've overheard the staff gossiping loudly with each other about their customers. This sale company isn't very professional and obviously does not give a hoot about people's health as evidenced by what I witnessed this morning. Also no prices today on most items so when they tell you it's 50% off how do you know if they are being honest if it isn't priced? I left the two items I was considering at checkout counter today. Not worth the time or my health to bother with this company and won't ever go back again. Much better companies with better energy out there to shop from. Glad I saved my money as I spent it at the Pasadena sale. Lastly, they list their sales on not just facebook live. They list it as 50% off but no pricing. You are left to the whims of whoever you happen to ask. Again, nope...


Lisa A


They were so kind and professional, and they made a tough situation much better.


Mary C


Best Los Angeles estate sale company to deal with, very honest, informative and has a large following of people. They cleared the house in less than 3 days and we were not expecting to make as much as they made us. If you love estate sales in Los Angeles I highly recommend them.


Pascale Saliba


Thanks to Boni Wish and her amazing team! You guys rock!


Robin Northrop


My wife and I are Estate sale junkies and we stopped in on Grasons Co. City of Angels sale in La. We couldn't be happier with our purchases. Boni and her team are pros. The items were well organized and the pricing was terrific. Given the current health restrictions, we felt ok shopping as Boni had plenty of hand sanitizer and signs to remind us to social distance. I would definitely shop at a Grasons sale again.


Tony Aguilar