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Dr. Arjang Naim is a compassionate, well-known OBGYN treating patients in Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding communities. His goal as a Practitioner is to ensure that each of his patients is satisfied with the care that they receive. He holds certification from the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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I couldn't say enough good things about Dr Parks and I highly recommend him!


Cinzia Moniaci Quevedo


Dr. Gene Parks is an exceptional doctor. I have seen him for about 8 years and I absolutely think the world of him. I have had nothing but positive experiences with him and his warm attentive staff. Maria and Jen are helpful and caring individuals. Dr. Parks is also my general practitioner. He takes great care of me and has always been accommodating and thoughtful. He takes the time to talk to me, call me or email me regarding my health concerns. I am absolutely indebted to him, Maria and Jen, for always providing me with top-notch service. Most doctors don't provide half as much care as Dr. Parks. Thank you Marina Women's Medical Group! Patricia


Ebisu Girl


Wonderful doctor. Professional and personable at the same time. Great attention to details.


Inna Cantaragiu


The year was 1981, I was a 36 year old woman working at the Marina Hospital in the Operating Room, and I needed a Gyn. All the nurses told me to see Dr. Gene Parks, I balked that he was too young and too cute. They told me that if I ever needed surgery, that he was the best. So I went to see him and I've gone ever since. I'm now 69 years old, through all of lives ups and downs, I've only seen Dr. Parks. Time does fly. Maybe it's because Dr. Parks treats me as if I'm important.


Jean Bellanca


I've been with this office for 10 years. Dr. Parks delivered both my boys. He is THE best doctor I have ever seen. Easy to talk to, listens attentively,kind and funny. His staff is amazing. No need to look elsewhere. HIGHLY recommend this doctor!


Kim Walton


Dr. Parks and his well-qualified, professional staff have been treating me and my daughters for the past 18+ years. There are many accolades that I would like to give Dr. Parks but he has received many on his own, without my assistance. (I am very aware of how well-respected he is within the medical community and am grateful for this fact alone. When another medical professional recommends another doctor, take note!) Also, I appreciate the fact that Dr. Parks has a compassionate bedside manner and explains things to me in a manner I can appreciate without making me feel inferior, In addition to being humbly brilliant, he is very well-read and does not rush to prescribe the latest-and-greatest "miracle drug". In my 18+ years of knowing Dr. Parks, I have NEVER once been rushed through an appointment and am always allowed to ask a litany of questions and receive his patient replies. Dr. Parks and his staff are truly the epitome of the type of medical care that we should all receive.


L Martinez


I was a patient of Dr. Parks for over10 years while living in Marina del Rey. He was not only extremely competent and skilled but very honest and forthright. To fast forward we moved to Las Vegas 6 months ago and was having difficulty finding a gynecologist whom I trusted. I had some medical issues and called Dr. Parks. He returned my calls in less than 24 hours. I also dealt with Maria, who was extremely helpful. The level of caring and loyalty that he extended to me as a former patient is most impressive and appreciated. Dr. Parks and Maria are a rare breed


Linda Greenblatt


I could continue writing with several paragraphs of praise and acknowledgement, however, what I would really like people to know is the following: I am confident you would never be disappointed in chooing Dr. Parks as your Gynecologist.


Rita Montgomery


I have been seeing Dr. Parks since he was at Marina Del Rey. He and his staff are very caring and have helped me through a difficult time. I will never forget their compassion and genuine care for my overall well being. I've since moved away from LA but still fly back to see him.




Dr. Gene Parks is such a wonderful doctor. I've been going to him for over 5 years now. He actually cares about your emotional and mental well being in addition to your physical health and well being. He is great about answering any questions you have with genuine concern and discussing good eating habits and exercise and even holistic remedies if you ask his professional opinion. He remembers everything asks about the progress of personal goals and hobby's you might have. Just thoughtful is what he is. And his office staff is a warm, professional, kind and accommodating extension of him. I can only say great things about Dr. Parks and his personable friendly staff.


Sylvia Hillman