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We have a team of qualified Functional Living Advisors to help you live more efficiently and productively. Your home visit with one of our experts will be customized so that they can learn about your specific needs and goals, then provide the necessary guidance for success in their area(s) of expertise.

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Lisa is one of the most uniquely empathetic, interactive, creative, intelligent, people I know. Her desire to consistently research to find the best and most effective way to help others is so inspiring! She cares deep, she works hard, and I have witnessed her personally change the lives of numerous people in her journey!


Brandy Fortner


Lisa is so great!!! I had her for rehab at Mentis. It was there I truly Loved her!!! You will too! I just know it!!!


Brooke Diggs


Lisa has shown amazing care and compassion toward my nephew (tbi). Her custom wheelchair evaluation was perfect for my nephew—tricky—due to his severe spasticity. Her recommendations and instruction to help position him were perfect for his comfort and safety. She also referred us to additional care resources that was much needed. Overall, her help has decreased the burden on us and increased my nephew's quality of life. Now, when I watch him, I can transfer my nephew to his wheelchair and back to bed knowing that I won't hurt myself or him. I feel Lisa's work ethic, service, and followthrough are amongst the best I have experienced. Lisa has proven to be trustworthy and has exhibited excellence in care. She even made recommendations that have benefited my nephew to gain state funding that nobody else has given us insight to. I highly recommend Lisa for all advice when it comes to helping the family. Definitely 5Stars!


Fred Rodriguez


Lisa is an Excellent practitioner


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