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Dr. Feldman is a neurologist who specializes in headaches and epilepsy, but he's especially good at treating those with head pain or seizures from the Denver area! He has more experience than other specialists around him because of his focus on these two areas alone- don't hesitate to call this doctor if you think your problem might be related!" Neurologist_11,Neurologist,Colorado,Denver,Feldman Alexander Md ,https://www.neurologycolorado.com/about,,4.1,(303) 863-0501,Feldman_Alexander_MD_Neurologist_Denver_1632782201.7057073_0.png,Larissa Richardson ,3 years ago ,Thank you Dr. Feldman for believing me when literally no one did. Never fun when doctors tell you you are making things up in your head. I have since had surgery and the diagnosis was correct. My nerves were seriously compressed. ,"1601 E 19th Ave #4400, Denver, Co 80218, United States

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