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If you're looking for a quick service, high quality company that can do everything from camera repairs to photography tips and tricks then Eric's Camera Repair is the right place. When you need your equipment fixed or help using it we will always be available with knowledgeable staff ready to answer any question so don't hesitate!

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Ad Guerra Florida


Adalberto Guerra


These guys are scamming.I Was given an estimate of a 125 on a 400 Lens. After 3 weeks they never contacted me and I contacted then and my estimate had doubled and I accepted because I needed the Lens. When I picked Up my item, they handed it to me in a bag and wouldn't let me inspect it. After I paid I immediately inspected the Lens, and my focus Rings Were gritty and would barely move. I told them I didn't like the communication and if I would have known that I would have spent a 100 to To just buy The lens brand new. I will not come back.


Aj Sway


This guy was super honest and went out of his way to fix my lens in time. I read some of the negative reviews and that definitely wasn't anywhere near what I experienced. I'd recommend this shop to everyone. So happy with this place. I hope you guys do well. Thanks for saving my vacation.


Alert 230


I wondered if they put an updated card or computer board in it.


Andrew Smyth


Eric is terrific. Once you go to his store, you know that he is passionate about cameras. For him, the most important part is repairing your camera. And I see that he loves his work. Eric was extremely generous with his time, explaining how a lot of things work, and answered all the questions that I had. It seemed that talking with a good friend, and not with someone who had to pay. I strongly recommend that you repair your camera or lens here, whatever happens to it.


Ashley Foster


I've broken the Usb in my Action Cam Sony as300 with my slick hands. I came by to Eric's for advice and unexpectedly, she repaired it in front of me. The master asked if I have 3040 min to wait and she will do it now. I agreed. The price is cheap and a short clock. Now I go only to Eric's. The first time I was so quickly helped in the repairing equipment service. It took weeks usually. Do not waste time and money, contact Eric's.


Becky Dudley


Go to Walters Camera Repair instead! I requested a cost estimate for a repair via email at Eric's. On their website it says certified technicians will email you the estimate within 12 business hours. I called about 3 hours later to check in since I had had no response (i checked spam, there was no response). The guy laughed at me on the phone when I said I had sent a request email; he didn't understand why I was calling. That, combined with the false response time advertised on their website, prompted me lose my trust in their company and to go to Walter's Camera Repair instead who I've been to in the past (Walter's shop is reliable, well priced, and kind)


Chimera Singer


First of all, do not buy GoPro. This is the most horrible service that only can be. I turned to Eric's because the official service denied me a warranty repair, saying that I mechanically damaged the button. Whence such conclusions if there are no scratches on it? It is easy to press on it, but it does not react. Eric's found and fixed the problem within an hour, and said that it was an original factory problem, and the problem was in the deformed membrane. Thanks Eric's for the quality service and for the fact that he solves others faults for little money.


Cody Fox


These people are dishonest and apathetic. I brought my camera in because the electronic shutter stopped working. After reluctantly agreeing to a 20 inspection fee, I was first disappointed by the company's lack of communication. They will not call you; you have to call them repeatedly to get an answer out of them. Finally after a few days, they gave me a quote of 145 because, to use the technician's words verbatim: 'the whole pcb is bad because camera is old and these things happen with age'. Being a person who repairs old audio gear, I agree that electronics can go bad by simply being old. But replacing a whole circuit board seemed like overkill (like replacing the whole engine of a car just because it won't start), and the quote was for more than the camera is worth. So with nothing to lose, I rejected their repair offer so I could take the camera home and open it up myself. I saw immediately that there was a blown capacitor on the board. I replaced the old component with a new one that I bought for 1, and it works perfectly now. No technician worth his salt could overlook an issue so simple and common. This guy was prepared to overcharge me because he assumed I wouldn't know any better. My only regret is that I did not take the time to open the camera Before I took it to these people. I feel sympathetic to all the other negative reviewers who actually did get ripped off by this company. Beware of Eric's Camera Repair.


Cole McClendon


My camera was repaired by Eric. He took a selfie for me to show me that it worked, high quality


Dark Dog