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EFD Creative brings together a combination of creativity, Professionalism and years of design and event-planning expertise to your ideas, wheater its a wedding, event party, anniversary, reunion or social occasion. Their work has been highlighted in publications such as Boston Wedding MagAZine, Bliss Celebrations Guide, Brides Boston, etc.

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Edna of EFD Creative is truly one of the greatest people you’ll ever meet! From the moment I first spoke with her on the phone, I thought that we would possibly use her services for day-of coordination. However, after my husband and I met her in person – we immediately knew that we wanted her expertise and eye for design all the way through! She was able to help shape our initial thoughts into a spectacular wedding that we and our guests couldn't believe. From vendor suggestion and selection (and working her magic to save us money where she could) to finding just the right item to be displayed on the gift table to having her team (and terrific husband) with her on the final day so that nothing was even an inch out of place– she lent her discerning and tasteful eye for design to the planning process – and we couldn't have been more thrilled. Being a gay couple, we wanted our overall wedding look and feel to be more masculine than a typical wedding - and she was able to deliver on that premise and more! Our friends, family and guests are still commenting about the day several months later. I think the best thing about working with Edna, was that we gained a friend!


Alexander Runkle


I was excited to get married, but as the planning started I could see there was so much that needed to be done, and I wanted my fiancée and I to enjoy it, so I was happy when we put our trust in EFD Creative. We started the planning with Edna, who took the time to get to know our style, and then we started looking for our venue! At first we thought we would get married in Maine (where my fiancée and I are from), but once we established exactly what our vision was, we knew the right venue was in Massachusetts at Tupper Manor. We loved the vibe and working with Edna on the vision was key to pulling everything together. Next came Kasie who worked with us on every detail. There was so much to cover and Kasie had our back. There was a million details, things we never even considered, but Kasie was on top of everything. Thank you both for making our pre-planning experience and wedding perfect!


andrew turkanis


Our experience working with Kasie Blanchette was absolutely fabulous! She has excellent organizational skills and a wonderful, warm personality. Despite the complex nature of our wedding, Kasie found a way to make it all come together so beautifully! I received numerous compliments from my guests on how well-planned the wedding was and many even mentioned that it was the best wedding they ever attended. The wedding involved a large robot in the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception; hair, makeup and nail services for the bride, maid of honor, and 4 bridesmaids as well as the addition of two special wedding games (a dance and trivia contest with prizes for each). This by all means was not easy to coordinate, but thanks to Kasie, I was able to include all these things which made my wedding so much fun and very memorable. She even helped to put up and also take down all the flowers in the church and reception site. Having her around throughout my wedding day really put my mind at ease as I could actually enjoy my wedding day without having to worry about the flowers, where the robot needs to be, or the shuttle service. Kasie would periodically check on me to determine whether or not I needed anything which was also very helpful. After the wedding, Kasie was a big help in cleaning up and making sure that I got all my gifts and wedding items returned. Thanks to her, we did not lose anything despite the high number of items we included in the wedding and the large number of gifts we received. I would highly recommend Kasie to any couple planning a wedding as she is sure to make your wedding day absolutely amazing!


Angie Steinhardt


She has great taste and an abundance of resources and recommendations. Edna can see the bigger picture (look and feel) very clearly, yet never loses sight of the tiniest details. She is the ultimate when it comes to designing an event that is exactly what you were looking for! And she will be right there with you throughout the entire creative process.


Averie Borgaro


EFD was invaluable in planning our wedding, and Kasie was such a pleasure to work with! Planning a wedding in 2020 is no small feat, and Kasie made it feel seamless. 20 minutes before the ceremony, we found out there was an issue with our flight the next day. Kasie took over and spoke to the airline until everything was fixed. I can't say enough good things about our experience with EFD and would highly recommend them to anyone planning an event!


Carrie Hecker


Edna’s level of service is top notch. There was never a time when we felt we could not reach her. She responds to all messages promptly, even if they are sent late at night. On the actual wedding day, Edna took charge of everything logistical. She was working hard, behind the scenes, to make sure everything looked gorgeous and ran smoothly.


Charlene Chia


The last month or so of planning—enter Kasie. Where do I start? How can one individual be in so many places and think of so many details and never lose track of a single item—she is truly Superwoman in our book. We had been warned that things go wrong but no one but us would know it but operationally the whole wedding was flawless from what we could tell. I honestly don’t know how she does it but she does and it is all done with humor and grace and love. Edna and Kasie ROCK!!"


Craig Sorensen


We found EFD through a Facebook recommendation and could not have been happier! Planning our Massachusetts wedding from Austin, TX was tricky but knowing that Kasie was going to be there on the day to ensure everything ran smoothly gave us such ease. Our wedding was planned to be on the campus of the school that we met at which was incredible but not exactly the easiest wedding venue, as they don't host weddings. Kasie joined us for a site visit and thought of SO many questions that none of us would have ever considered - we were so grateful to have her there with us. Unfortunately due to COVID we had to postpone our June 2020 wedding and ultimately made the decision to elope in Austin. I will send every New England bride I know to EFD so they can have the incredible experience of working with Kasie!


Eliza Berg


What an amazing duo Edna and Kasie are. Both of them have an eye for detail but in two very different ways. Edna has an eye for design and can easily make your event vision come true. From designing your own logo to helping you with center piece ideas. Kasie on the other hand has an eye for logistical details. My wedding party is still raving about the day of schedule she created. Everyone knew where to be and when. If someone was missing Kasie was on it before I could notice. Both Edna and Kasie did an amazing job recommending vendors and coordinating all of them. I truly can’t thank them enough for making my wedding day one I’ll always remember!


Lacey Potter


I am not sure there are words to fully express how amazing Edna, Kasie and the EFD Creative team were to work with. My wedding day could not have been more perfect and I know so much had to do with the great work that the team Edna and Kasie pulled together. Edna and Kasie were both easy to work with, always available to answer questions or bounce ideas off of. Edna is a fountain of knowledge and resources for anything wedding related and has an amazing way of taking small details and turning them into a complete and incredible final product. I found both Edna and Kasie supportive of what my husband and I wanted to put emphasis on for our special day and ways of incorporating all of our ideas. They both had great organization and understood the flow of each part of the process, which made working with them feel very controlled and comfortable. These ladies are easy to talk to, sweet, creative... simply superwomen at their jobs. I could not recommend anyone more highly and am so thankful that I had them with me for the entire process for they made it fun, involved very little stress, and everything turned out better than I could have imagined.


Lauren Baumann