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Hello, my name is Dr. Jessica Woo and I am the founder of Smiles Kids Dentistry

New York City,ny
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I had complete confidence in Dr. Woo after speaking to her on the phone. She is very soft spoken and very nice. Explains everything to you prior the procedure and makes sure you have several chances to ask questions before hand. Dr. Woo was very sweet with my daughter (3) as well. She turned something scary, going under anesthesia, into a game. My daughter was laughing the whole time in the waiting room. She was not scared at all. My daughter was also very happy to know that the anesthesia came in different scents. I would definitely recommend her service's. Dr. woo is an excellent anesthesiologist!!


Alyssa Plakas


They provide the best service. Our daughter had extensive dental needs and they handled everything with great care.the staff is very kind,friendly and knowledgeable.they make you feel welcome and comfortable. The experience was so wonderful we will be utilizing there dental service from now on.


Amanda Perkins


So I recently got both of my bottom two wisdom teeth extracted and I opted for sedation because I get anxiety when I hear the use of dental tools Lol honestly this is one of the best experiences i


Ayele Townsend


Informational, comforting, concerned and knowledgeable. I really liked Dr. Woo.


Diane Mumford


It's now the next day after my complicated root canal, and I'm no longer in pain! It's refreshing to see doctors like Dr. Woo care for their patients this much. I would 100% recommend her to people looking to undergo general anesthesia.


Hamza Habeeb


I was very happy with the experience we had for my daughter's dental procedure. My daughter is generally very timid and not very outgoing when meeting new people. The staff were very welcoming and made my daughter feel like she had known them forever. My daughter had no problem going with the staff and doing what needed to be done. Everything that was explained to me regarding the steps that would occur from start to finish was in great detail. All questions I had were answered and made me feel better about having my child be put to sleep for the first time at such a young age. All in all I am very pleased with how our visit went and we had no complications afterwards. Dr. Woo checked in with out a few hours later to check on my daughter which was another nice gesture to make me feel that we weren't just another patient.


Jesikah Jb


Dr. Woo exceeded our expectations. Not only was she thorough and knowledgeable she was caring and nurturing. She took great care of my son during his general anesthesia procedure. I would absolutely 100% recommend her to anyone.


Julie Eckholm (Bolduc)


Doctor Woo was excellent with my daughter. My daughter is six yo and was nervous about this procedure. Dr. Woo spoke directly to my daughter and made her feel much more comfortable before being put under anesthesia. I'm glad my daughter had a caring anesthesiologist.


Kathi Renison


I have been in the dental field for almost 12 years and for 3 of these have spent with pediatric Surgical cases with General Anesthesia. I personally worked with Dr Woo for many of those surgical cases! What a treat!! She has so much compassion for the patient, she is very thorough and attentive to everything around her and the needs of each and every patient are her top priority!! She was not just an anesthesiologist, but a teacher!! She taught me so much about anesthesia, intubation, and the overall process of a surgical case! Patient and kind, I can


Kristy J


121119 my grandson was scheduled for the anesthesia service at the Newport news office. I must say I was nervous about the whole thing but the doctors did a great job with him as well as following up to make sure he was ok at home. I give you all a two thumbs up!


Leatrice Monden