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Dr. Bradford S. Patt is a gifted and ABFPrS board-certified physician, specializing in both Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. His staff gives personal, individualized attention to every patient that walks through their doors. Dr. Patt has been in Practice for nearly 20 years.

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Dr Patt and his staff are exceptional! I have been his patient for years and couldn’t imagine being treated by anyone else! He is truly a dream!


Bradley Jeffery


I chose Dr. Patt to repair two holes on one ear for me. This has been a procedure I’ve been wanting to do for years. How I went about choosing was a search on google w my zip code which gave me tons of options so I began calling and out of a list of 10-15 when I weighed the options his office tipped the scale. Pricing, availability, location, and the reviews all went hand in hand. Pam is very personable when she answers the phone and then there’s the other lady in the office which I didn’t get her name but her curls are always fresh. Today I went back to get my ears pierced & was welcomed as if I was a patient that comes every week. Dr. Patt is nice and cool and his assistant is warming as well. Overall I’d recommend anyone to come here for their needs. Thank you Dr.Patt and team for helping me accomplish a goal of mines. I feel so pretty already, I haven’t had earrings in over 5 years. ??


deserai nolan


Staff were friendly and office space was clean and welcoming. Thank you!


Jessica Morgan


Staff very helpful, and Dr.Patt clearly explained what to expect which eased my nervousness!


jody Birnberg


Dr. Patt has been my ENT for the past fifteen years or so. Beginning with repairing a deviated septum, the ongoing care has been first class. I am very thankful I was referred to him when I was in need of an excellent surgeon. Hands down the best in Houston, maybe even the entire country.


Joe Lovell


Staff and doctor responded appropriately and professionally to my issue! Thank you Dr. Patt!


Lil G Baby


Everybody in the office is so warm and welcoming. Everything was quick and efficient and effective. Perfect for a working mom that needs a quick boost! There is such a fine line with botox. Dr Patt gave me the perfect amount, which is why going to a face expert is so valuable! Usually people load your face up so you can't make any expressions, which is not the look I'm going for (I want my kid to know when I'm mad at her **kidding**) but I am officially a forever customer of Dr Patt and especially love his botox special once a month!


lindsey kern


An extremely capable surgeon. He is knowledgeable and experienced. I had a perforated septum which he was more than capable of fixing. Gotta say the one month recovery was a bit tough cause i had 2 splints up my nose but once these came out, it was the best feeling ever. Dr. Patt knew exactly what was needed and he did it well. His staff also are incredible. During my recovery, I had so many questions and no matter how many times I called they were always prompt to answer and help me as much as they could. Overall, a very professional and competent surgeon and staff. Thank you Dr Patt


Noha El Dahshan


From the initial consultation visit, to the procedure, and finally all the way to the last follow-up appointment Dr. Patt and his staff always made sure we, (my son being the patient) always understood everything that was discussed and made sure we felt absolutely comfortable and sure of our decisions before returning home. As he told my son today on his final follow-up “he has graduated as everything has healed perfectly”! I’m so grateful to have had my son in the medical care of Dr. Patt.


Ruby Aguirre


I can't recommend Dr. Patt enough! I underwent a Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty with Dr. Patt. He was caring and thoughtful and went over everything with me before surgery. The surgery was smooth, with a very fast recovery. I am thrilled with my results. I can finally breathe well and my nose looks great. I love his staff as well, they answered all my questions and checked in on me after surgery answering all my questions. I did a lot of research and Dr. Patt came very highly recommended. I also recommend him highly.


Stephanie Cohen