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The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services has worked to keep children safe since 1984. In order for the child's safety, well-being and permanency needs be met while in DCFS care we work with community partners to provide necessary services that help support healthy families including counseling, parenting classes or substance use evaluations through our partnerships such as Healthy Families America.

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Im in foster care myself


Aaliyah Brown


Horrible Workers In This Office On Vermont!


Bre Crawford


They are really as terrible as you can be. We showed interest in adopting a child listed as available and contacted them. First we emailed them and they never responded so I called over and spoke to someone. They informed me that the child was still available so I had my social worker send my home study to them which is what they asked. I did eventually get a call next day after leaving messages and calling and they told me they received it and I would be contacted. A week later I called to follow up and the woman on the phone said basically there is no way to know the status and I will never know if I was picked or not because they only contact you if you got chosen. Otherwise, you just get to wonder until you give up and go back to the drawing board. I also emailed them to ask if there are any steps I could take to get information on adoptable children as they come out or streamline the adoption process and never got a response. I wanted to adopt through them and maybe even foster later down the road but I really cant imagine doing either with their ridiculous, damaged system and the don't wan't to work attitude they have. It really is sad because ultimately it is the kids that will be harmed by their poor policies and work ethic.


Charles Judice


This system I was in as a child n jow they take mines n my bbys get abuse something I didnt do to them when I had them this foster parents do it


Cynthia Torres


Full of it. Never pick up the phone. I been calling for three days. No answer......the phone ranged for one hour until it went busy. 1 hour 21 sec on hold.


Deon Carter


Justice for Gabriel


Emely Machado-Marroquin


I'm trying but not having transportation or support feels like a uphill against the river against all odds battle wish I had more support I'm fighting this all by a myself


Heather Eckholdt


This place takes to long for everything just to get an ebt card it took me 4 hours


Karen Duarte


Horrible !! They are evil and they deserve no stars. Karma is coming believe it!


Lady Lovings


The worst department of child and families in the world !!! Lazy employees who do not take their job seriously ! They definitely do not follow policy and procedures when it comes to removing a child in danger !! Also very corrupt and you can buy their silence ! The entire department should be shut down !!


low though so