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Dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement dentistry. They provide a permanent, natural-looking option to bring back life's pleasures and dignity after missing one or more teeth. With dental implant placement, people who'd once been limited to soft foods can enjoy steak apples corn on the cob without compromising their health!

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Dental Implants
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This was the fourth dentist I tried in los angeles and I am so thankful to finally find a dentist I trust. The staff and doctors were all friendly and knowledgeable. They are a conservative office and won't do any work on your teeth unless it is necessary.


Andrew Franklin


I have been to many dentists in Los Angeles but I have never found one that I stuck with. I had a root canal done about two weeks ago and I was very satisfied with their work. Today I had my wisdom teeth extraction, I was extremely nervous for the procedure but Dr. Nik and his team made everything super easy. It was such an easy and smooth process I didn't feel a thing. I have definitely found my go-to dentist. I definitely recommend!


Brandon Williams


This is a very good dental practice. All of the employees, from the receptionist to the hygienists to the dentists, are extremely nice and take the time with you. Getting an appointment always seems fairly easy; when I explained to the receptionist that my dental insurance resets on October 1st, she made every effort, and succeeded, in getting me an appointment before then. For someone nervous about going to the dentist like myself, this was very nice. Dr. Nik has great bedside manner and always takes the time to explain everything in detail. They also have Free Parking which is a huge plus in this area.


Joseph Lawrence


As far as the service goes, they walked through every portion of the treatment so I felt comfortable and knew what was going on. They were patient when I needed to be numbed multiple times as well! So glad I found this facility.


Mark Hensley


I had dental implants done by Dr. Nik, and I couldn't be more happy with the work he did. He did a fantastic job on the implants and I never had any issues with them at all. The procedure was simple, quick, and painless, and recovery was awesome! He is very kind, trustworthy and extremely professional!. I would highly recommend him to everyone!


Melinda Lapierre


On top of the service, it's just so nice to have something in the neighborhood that's easy to get to and one that looks so much more modern and spacious than other dental offices I was hoofing to before!


Melissa Noonan


These doctors and their amazing staff are true professionals!


Owen Feint


The dental implant dentist has provided me with excellent dental care, always consulting with me before doing any procedures. Great people and great work, i highly recommend them


Paul Mercier


I have had several implants and crowns done, and have been so impressed that I am now seeing Dr. Nik for invisalign. I am super happy with the results so far. I Highly recommend this office.


Rosa Wenger