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Alex Miller is a credit repair expert on debt validation. Alex Miller Credit Repair has gained a Proper reputation in the industry as it has analyzed thoUSAnds of credit reports. The company is specializing in restructuring and rebuilding clients' credit and it does it with a guaranteed result in only 40 days.

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Don’t trust this man! Alex is a fraud. When people leave honest feedback on his services he will delete it so nobody can see it. He also takes vacation trips because he’s stressed when he has clients needing his services. He will take your money then block you. Also pays people to leave reviews on his page just to protect his image. ALEX IS A SCAM!!!


Angela Sarno


SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!! Do not use this scammer for your credit repair needs. He will take your hard earned money and you will not see any results! He falsely claims Ashley Massengill, a multi millionaire with her own company, works for HIM!!! Stealing her followers on Facebook with the fake fb page he created under the name “Ashley Messingill”. Do not trust this SCAMMER! STAY AWAY!!


Charleen Lopez


I don't know why there's any bad reviews. Alex Miller is a professional who carries himself and his company well. He and his team are experts who are passionate at helpings others in need. With that, there is an investment. The investment is in yourself. Uncertainties happen everyday and this service has not only legally and ethically removed in accurate information from my profile but I feel much safer now. I'm signed up for the identity protection and I know if any of my friends or family ever need help, I know exactly where to send them. My best advice is just be honest with yourself, first and foremost. Then just be patient. Credit is like a reputation, it can take 20 years to build but can drop overnight. This firm offers a second chance, and a first chance for many people. They email you updates, strategies to increase your scores, and they're never more than a phone call, text, or email away. I hope I personally never need this particular service but I'm also excited and getting prepared for the many other services and offering they have.


D'Vaughn Bell


I went into the credit repair thinking it would help my situation. I thought I asked all the right questions before I started and here I almost $1700 later and I’m still not able to get a personal loan or get anything beneficial with my score after 4 months. Yes I have credit building products but I see why everyone’s says repair your credit your self. I feel like that $1700 could have been spent on my kids in this Covid world we are living in. I’m venting because your service assured me I would be In position get loans to help me get towards financial freedom. My credit score increased but I still can’t get a single thing with the finished score. Total waste of money looking back at it.


Eric Horton


I was skeptical at first since this was the 3rd company I had help me, but Jackie put my mind at ease and I decided to move forward. They. Did. Not. Disappoint! Just got my Preapproval letter to look for my new home! Thank you Jackie and thank you Alex Miller for the great results! ??


Jamie Nygaard


I highly recommend Alex Credit repair, to get your credit repaired, all the staff was very helpful , they kept me updated with everything, and i am very happy with my results. They are the BEST hands down. Isabel made sure i understood every step. Get your credit fixed with Alex Credit repair despite all the negative talk about this company, they are just hating !!


Janeisha Smith


One of the worst credit repair companies I’ve worked with. When I got signed up by Jonathan who now works In Tradelines thanks to my sell, I was told and confirmed MULTIPLE times that my bankruptcy would be removed if I signed up for the credit repair. I got off “$500” from 1,500, so $1000 when I signed up. My scores have not changed since January 2020, my bankruptcy is still public record, it seems as if they had done nothing to my credit, and I even added myself as an authorized user to many of my families credit cards. Beware and hope they don’t screw you in business like they did to me.


Jason Nguyen


Please believe the NEGATIVE REVIEWS! please! This guy and his team will sell you the American dream and have you thinking everything will go away on your credit report! He is Scamming everyone and living off the 1500 that we are giving him. I was one of his clients & no results just 1500 gone. Please guys Trust the BAD reviews. I was patient and nice to them the whole way. 1 Year later and im still in the same position. Also I've learned that companies do not charge the whole upfront fee.


no way


Nothing, nothing at all was accomplished to restore any integrity in my credit. Deceitful company. I have not met a person or talked to a person who has anything good to say about Alex miller credit repair. Failure


Richard Grover


So my credit doesn’t have any negative or derogatory marks I have three inquiries but no history I was told that because I have the inquiries I can sign up for the inquiry buster for $500 that would give me for free lines of credit up to $15,000 on the phone she was specific when she said that if I paid $500 I would receive four lines of credit that were guaranteed to approve me she gave me examples like it could be an Amazon card or whatever so I said sure that actually sounds good and but. Sent the 500 and then I received emails one with four links to four different websites for four different credit card applications that you pay for that you don’t need this credit repair service to do I could literally go on there and do it on my own and they are sketchy and don’t even work so pretty much I paid $500 for nothing because removing an inquiry does not help my score at all I was misled and this is a giant scam do not do business with these people


True Hand MTB