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Covenant Living Communities and Services offer delightful amenities, engaging activities and wellness opportunities. We are one of the largest not-for-profit retirement living organizations in the nation, with 15 communities across 10 states. Want to learn more about employee life at Covenant Living? Follow @covliving_careers on Instagram!

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Ana Fuentes


Covenant Village of Northbrook is a mainstay in the community. What a tremendous group of people! Residents and team members combine and collaborate to create a beautiful thing called community. It's not just senior living it's so much more. Come check it out.


Ben Stevens


I've been an employee now for 90 days and have found this to be a great place to work. The staff are extremely caring and work hard to make this a wonder place for the residents. I've been working in senior care for over 30 years and can truly say this is one of the best senior living communities out there.


Charles Newton


Earlier this year, one of my associates had an opportunity to work closely with Meave Foley, the Assisted Living Director of Covenant Living of Northbrook, regarding the care of one of their residents. The support the resident as well as my associate received from Covenant Living went above and beyond. The care and concern for the resident's health and safety was strongly promoted and taken very seriously. I highly recommend Covenant Senior Living for the care and quality services that they provide to their residents.


debra feldman


I would keep your loved ones Far away from this place.


Erin Deaton


I been working there in assisted living they are short of cnas the Cna work hard the supervisors don


Fabiola Gomez


If I could write this review without having to select any stars, I would. When my grandmother moved in 3 years ago, this was a wonderful place for them to live out the winter of their lives. This organization has since changed and it has not been for the better. There is not one day that goes by that my grandmother doesn't complain about something. From the food to upper management there is always an issue. If your loved is experiencing pain after hours, it's likely they will not be able to get medication because the powers that be have decided the only thing they care about, is money!. My grandmother has basically sold all of her possessions to live in this community and apparently, it's still not enough. She was told upon signing her life away that she would receive 24 hour care, with access to nurses as well as aides. They lied. They will leave your loved ones in pain until they are ready to relieve them. They charge their residents for a meal plan and if the person decides they want to eat dinner in their apartment and/or room, they are charged for doing so. And this place calls it's self a Christian based community. The only reason my grandmother refuses to leave is because she really likes the care she receives from the nursing staff. The nurses and their assistants are always there, willing to help and empathizing with their residents. It's a bright spot in an otherwise hellish place. All of the 4-5 star reviews.. they were written by current and former employees. If you want your loved one to live out their later years in a peaceful and loving environment, Take Them Somewhere Else! They used to be Covenant Village and now they are covenant living, when the name changed..... everything went to hell. They only care about how much your loved ones can afford to pay, they care nothing about them! Beware


James Williams


Families grow up, careers end, but people never retire from growing in faith and enjoying the company of others. At Covenant Village of Northbrook, residents and staff share together in making the last chapter of life the best. It is a privilege to work in an environment of caring with a dedicated team. (So good, I brought my own family here!)


Karen Hinz


This place is not a nice place at all very horrible place to work and not a nice place for Residents they put so much stress on their Cna they overwork them and the residence get mad at the CNa


katie gomez


I hear residents comment daily that they are so glad they made the decision to live at Covenant Village. The freedom and community they find when they move in is life changing. Staff goes above and beyond daily to meet their needs and put a smile on residents' faces. As one of the staff members, I am grateful to have purpose in a job with a faithbased mission.


Krista Nordlund