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Colvin Automotive, Inc. has been serving the Austin area with comprehensive automotive services for over 28 years! They are a family-owned and operated company that specializes in all of your vehicle needs including tire repair and replacement, brakes & rotors service or installation, oil change to engine tune up/inspection; they'll take care of you from A to Z!

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This place is horrible... They charged almost double what they originally quoted, claiming it was a custom vehicle despite the fact that they say they specialize on custom and unique vehicles. On top of paying double multiple things they were supposed to fix were not fixed correctly the first time, meaning I had to take my truck back to have things fixed. The most Absurd thing about this is that after bringing my truck back, the speedometer still did not work and the slimy owner Keith had charged my credit card on file an Extra 200 some dollars to fix something they did not fix yet the second time.... Save yourself some money and headache and go somewhere else.


aj loudermilk


I have had nothing but great things to say about Colvin Automotive. I would not consider this shop for you run of the mill, everyday, mechanical needs. This is a shop for projects, exotic, classics and customs. The custom rebuild engine they have done for me is wonderful, and now a very high performance engine. Kc is great guy, and will talk you through the whole process. Yes, it cost money, but I am not looking for a cheap job on my custom rebuild.


Alan Howry


Kc Colvin and crew are meticulous, thorough and knowledgeable. Always a pleasure to deal with.


Barry L. Horowitz


We won’t use anyone else!


Brad Nixon


These guys helped me out over the new years and got my car back to running smooth as well as a beautiful custom welding job on my Ss exhaust. Excellent work and always a joy to see the cars they get to work on.


D Rov


I recently have been going back and forth on emails for a possible Detailer position. Told them I can only do certain days they said they can't do it. Till I got a further email saying come in for an Interview. Let alone the places I have worked is from used car dealerships when I was younger. The aviation industry. Anything from base model vehicles to Teslas &Lamborghinis and on the aviation side I detailed from small Cessna Citations to a 777. Nothing was professional about these people. The interview was at 3 pm I got there at 2:50 waited till 3 no problem. Ken the guy I'm supposed to interview with. Looks at me and walks past me and doesn't come back till 3:25 by this time I don't even want the interview anymore he comes back like he didn't do what he just did. And wants to talk about me working there for 40 hours a week. Mind I tell you from before I told them I am helping somewhere else on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then they said ohh u must have got that interview email by mistake. Never Have I been so mad after an interview in my life. A waste of time. Not professional and a place I wouldn't even want to work at.


Daniel Urias


I give them 3 stars because they fixed the issue I brought the car in for. And only 3 because now I have a new issue I have to address immediately due to their carelessness. I guess even I'm more upset of the lack of ownership in the incident and the service tech that walked off mocking me.


Di Elizondo


My boyfriend and I live down the street from Colvin, first off it's always a treat to just drive by as they are always working on the most badass cars in Austin! Classics to next gen. But secondly and most importantly, Colvin has worked and did a rock star job on all our cars, a 1969 Mgb, 1987 IRoc Camero, 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and 2009 Toyota Camary. Honestly, we would never go anywhere else. Awesome people, all talent, and the most important...100% transparent!


Faith Harrison


Great experience working with Todd and the Colvin team to replace the clutch and an axle on my 1979 Jeep Cj5. Todd was communicative and professional throughout the process and the work was completed in a timely fashion. Definitely plan on coming back and highly recommend them to anyone looking to have some work done on an older vehicle.


Forrest Riddle


Took our 67 Mgb, running great, except for a small leak in fuel tank when full of gas that we did not want to deal with ourselves. Right off the bat, they over crank the ignition, twisted the ignition switch, and shorted everything through the new wiring harness we had just put in a couple weeks prior. They say it was a faulty ignition switch and would happily fix things 900 for just the harness, not including labor and other parts. We had just installed a new harness, 350 from Moss Motors. So we had to tow the car back to our house on our dime (95) and fix. They said the fuel tank was fixed and everything good to go, so we payed the bill and got the car home. We go to start the car after installing new harness bought again for 350 from Moss Motors, and they had not finished hooking up everything to the fuel pump, so gas goes everywhere into my house's garage floor. We cleanup, fix and try to start the car again, no go. Everything's a mess so we call Colvin's and they agree to tow it back in and get in running, on them. So, we're thinking great, couple minor updates and we get our Mgb back. Couple of weeks later and we get a call from Colvin's wondering about our Mgb. Seems the folks working on our car were no longer at the company and they were wondering why the car had been seemingly stored there for a couple of months. Ugggh. Tell the new people the story, and they say they'll have it ready and running by xyz time. They call us a week after the xyz time, said it was ready. We get there to take it home, they tell us it's backfiring and not running great, but it starts or we can tow it home for you for 180 (remember we had our own tow there for 95 and the car was running awesome) and oh, here's your bill for everything else...


Jeff Pirkey