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The Child Development Consortium of Los Angeles (CDCLA) is a non-profit organization created by early childhood educators over 30 years ago. CDCLA has been committed to making the lives for children and their families better through educating parents, providing quality childcare centers in underserved communities, advocating on behalf of young people with disabilities or special needs - no matter how they develop.

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The people who run the center are rambunctious, obnoxious, and uneducated. Turning the same set of music on extremely loudly every day is not a well thought out program. The children are encouraged to shout, scream, and act in other inappropriate ways. It is mindboggling to think that this sort of elementary and appalling organization exists. If you want quality care for your children, try to look for the exact opposite of what this place offers. The way things are run here, there is slim chance for a bright future.


Allan Kim


Just started taking my 3 12 year old. So far, so good! They're extremely professional and helpful. The covid precautions they're taking exceeded my expectations for sure. The majority of the children's time is spent outside in the open air. They even have an air cleanser in the class when they have to go in for their naps! ??


Sharon Ramirez