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Chicago Children’s House is committed to providing excellent customer service with the goal of fostering each child's individual personality and learning style. We provide a home-like atmosphere rich in learning material that our teachers are trained on, enabling them to offer children an experience like none other in Chicago!

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8 Reviews

This day care is awesome! My son is so happy there! We love the family atmosphere and the enthusiasm they all have teaching kids! They have an incredible staff and they plan tones of diverse activities. Highly recommended if you are looking for a stimulating and friendly place for your children.


Agathe G


We absolutely loved our time at Cch! I knew this was the place for us after touring the facility and seeing how happy the kids were to be there and the interactions with the teachers. The teachers are wonderful and will work with you to help maintain your infant's schedule. One of the awesome benefits is the catered food! Love that I don't have to pack lunch and that I know my child is eating healthy. They also have a great facility and a lot of different quality toys and play areas. Additionally, the app they use to update parents is Amazing! They constantly share pictures and show you the activities the kids are doing throughout the day and it makes all the difference. Honestly, Cch feels more like a family community than a daycare center. I'm so happy I chose them to take care of my son.


Carly Wilberding


Probably the best way to determine if a day care is good or not is to see how your child has grown. Well I can absolutely say our son wouldn't be as adventurous, kind, and smart if it weren't for the amazing staff at Cch. Our son attended Cch from 9 months to 4 years old. During that time we saw so much growth in him (both physically and emotionally) and he always loved being around his friends and teachers. If you're looking for somewhere to help take care of your children, Cch is an excellent option.


Eric Munn


Our family has loved Cch! The teachers are so caring of our daughter and her speech development has been so pronounced since she started attending. We toured all the daycares in the neighborhood and felt most comfortable here and it definitely didn


Mitch Grant


Well intentioned but operationally and administratively immature ownership. Your options downtown for infant and toddler childcare are limited and so is space in these establishments. Every minute spent here reminds you of that. Based on our experience corroborated with friends who also had children at Cch we recommend you spend a bit more in money or travel time and take your child somewhere else. We did.


Nate Grede


My daughter has been at Cch since she was 9 weeks old (she's 4.5 months now) and I can't say enough good things about this daycare. They are personable, flexible, engaging and caring. I also get adorable photos throughout the day. Anytime I stop in, unexpected, in the middle of the day, they are on the floor playing with the little ones, holding them, doing tummy time, reading to them, or doing art projects. I have felt at ease about my return to work knowing that my daughter is having a good day and learning a lot! Thank you, Cch!


Rebecca Weightman


I have 2 children at Cch: My son (early 3yo) has been there since he was 8 months old. My daughter (almost 2yo) has been there since 4 months old. I can't say enough great things about the daycare and my kids' teachers! I've seen my children develop and learn so much over the past few years and they amaze me with how much they know. Since my son was 2 he has been counting, knows his shapes and colors, has been developing a great vocabulary, and is in the process of pottytraining and doing very well. My daughter is learning to count and learning her colors and shapes, is developing so many interests and is talking a lot these days! They both love going to school, and on some mornings it seems they can't even wait to get to their classrooms. Both of my children love reading and they even enjoy sitting with a book by themselves, without an adult reading to them. I own this all to their daycare. There is so much to say about CCH's daily and monthly curriculum planning. We see in the photos and videos in the app, our children


Savitha Pal


We had our infant at Chc and had a very good experience. Unfortunately we


Todd Peterson