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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Camille Cash specializes in breast augmentation in Houston, Texas, as well as facial rejuvenation, tummy tuck, breast lift, breast reduction, liposuction, and body lifts. As a mother, wife, sister, and Professional, Dr. Cash understands how Pregnancy, aging, and so many other factors in life can take a toll on a woman's body. With these experiences, she's able to offer her patients a deeper understanding of their needs and desires, Providing them with outstanding care and results.

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My experience with Shrink Studios has been awesome! I had the Mummy Makeover. In a space of less than 3 weeks, I went down from 159.8 to 150.2 losing a lot of belly and back fat. The treatment really works on my body and even my skin looks much better. I love it so much that am recommending my mom and friends. Tanya has a great personality and provides an amazing service in a truly clean and professional environment. She really motivates me. I highly recommend Shrink Studios. 10 star experience, 10 star results! Thanks Tanya


dery lee


It is run out of her apartment which made me nervous at first but the results speak for themselves!! Absolutely highly recommend she is wonderful and IT REALLY WORKS!!


Grace Smith


Ms Tanya has an awesome personality. She is very professional and knowledgeable. You can tell she truly loves what she does!! This process works better than anything I ever tried!! I seen results in the first week of the treatment. I recommend y’all to give Shrink Studios a try. It’ll be one of the best investment in yourself you’ll ever make!!


Jordyn Amir Walker


Shrink Studios has been a life changing experience. I've been losing two pounds each week, after being stuck for years trying to lose even a pound. Tanya is God sent, operering in her God given gift. I highly recommend Shrink Studios to anyone looking to change their life forever...


Regina Holmes


OMG if you were not sure about this let me tell you its amazing. I went in thinking I was fine lol , but then I became supermodel fine lol. All jokes aside you guys it total worth doing the treatments. The results do happen within a reason amount of time when you follow her directions. In less than a month I went down 2 dress sizes. My stomach is soooo small that even I can't believe it, and my friends and family are really impressed. Most importantly the man in my life has notice! SO if you are going to do this type do it now!!!!


stephanie daniels