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C.C. Marine Service, Inc., the leading marine company in Marina del Rey is here to provide a full service for your boating needs! We specialize in sales and installation of gas or diesel engines with an I/O (inboard) type engine as well as outboards that can be shipped to other states across America when necessary.

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Did a good job


Aidan O'Kane


Carl help me with all my questions when I got my new outboard. Thank you Guys for all your help


Aime Ocampo


Cc Marine has been doing my engine servicing for many years ever since they were the only ones I found able to correctly diagnose and rectify an overheating problem with my Yanmar saildrive. They aren


Bryce Benjamin


Thank You Carl for the best services ....Rodrigo was very helpful


Daniel M. Pandiani


Best marine mechanic in Marina del Rey...Honest, thorough great staff.


David Kadison


Great service and boat support.


Don Mahnke


These guys are awesome, great service.


Eddie B.


Our water heater went out a week before Christmas. Nothing was in stock on the west coast. Carl and the guys found a way to get one air shipped to Marina Del Rey and got it installed for us just before Christmas. It went great because Nicholas the installer was prepared and had all the parts ready for the other things that break or need replacing when doing this kind of job. Hose clamps, hoses, fittings, pressure relief valves, etc. A very good experience. Thank you


Frank Maynard


Carl is German. Very honest, very efficient and could come off a little impatient but he got the job done twice in an extremely efficient manner. He did a wonderful job with my boat and was very accommodating. I would use him again in a minute.


Jason Bartusick


Unfortunately such a bad experience with Cc Marine. They misdiagnosed my problem and conducted work that wasn't even related to my issue and took months to repair. I have 2 gas Mercruiser inboard engines with <100 hours on them. Started having issues in Sept 2017 with a fuel relay circuit warning which caused the engines to go into protection mode, limiting RPMs and sometimes shutting down the engines. Despite me reporting the exact error codes from the computer, Cc Marine came out on 920 (575), 104 (1919), 1016 (711), 1226 (575), 716 (781) = 4561 and never found the problem. They always made other recommendations ... including replacing the fuel pumps (1919)!! I took my boat to Long Beach Marina Shipyard for haul out to have shaft seals replaced and Mark from Long Beach Boatworks came on board, diagnosed the problem with their computer for free, and the fuel relay circuits and transmission temperature senders were replaced for 348 in parts and 250 in labor and my issue was Fixed!


Lee Rogers